Dec 30, 2009

::Jill’s Senior photos::

These pictures are actually from almost a year ago!! This is my boyfriend’s younger sister, who I adore :)  Jill and I had lots and lots of fun and I was overjoyed she asked me to do this. I could not have had an easier model, that’s for sure! These photo’s are extra cool since I had borrowed my friend (and great photographer) Peter’s lenses. Thanks Peter!!
january 2008 248
january 2008 259january 2008 258
january 2008 232
january 2008 257january 2008 144
january 2008 224
january 2008 221january 2008 201january 2008 134
january 2008 172

Dec 29, 2009

::Meet Mindy::

This is my beautiful older sister, mom to my favorite photography subjects :)  Yup, this is Thomas and Cecilia’s mommy! The first picture is one of my favorite photographs I have ever taken. All the beautiful dimensions of her face are illuminated by the soft window light on her right. I LOVE natural light and I LOVE side lit portraits. Mindy just broke into the most easy, genuine smile here and I am so glad I caught it!
Mindy Portraits 043
Mindy Portraits 053Mindy Portraits 057Mindy Portraits 044Mindy Portraits 049Mindy Portraits 054Mindy Portraits 055
Blessings :)
Laura Michele

Dec 26, 2009

::Merry, Merry Christmas::

Sending Peace, Love and Blessings to all. Hoping that the birth of Jesus inspires us to see the beauty and the love that surrounds us all…Christmas Portraits C&T 2009 017

Christmas Portraits C&T 2009 038Christmas Portraits C&T 2009 055
Christmas Portraits C&T 2009 046
Christmas Portraits C&T 2009 043

Nov 18, 2009

::Baby Tommy:: {redhead love}

I have a not-so-secret talent. It’s called BABY GUSHING. and I am really, really, really good at it. Baby Tommy brought out the best baby gushing in me ever. I mean, check out his cheeks…they are plump and luscious and full and yummy and kissable. But his eyes!! Clearest, sharpest, crispest eyes, ever.  And he had a very intense gaze. Wait! Have I talked about his lips yet?! They are so perfectly shaped, and colored, and they make the cutest expressions. AND THE hair. I have a thing for red-heads! Baby Tommy has the softest, most beautiful red hair. did I talk about his CHEECKS yet? softest things I have ever touched!! I think they might have been my favorite part of Baby Tommy’s face. Baby Tommy’s mommy, mommy Cindy, was a little bummed that baby Tommy wasn’t offering up the smiles..but who cares? This baby is distinguished, serious, stoic, handsome, and he wasn’t going to crack for some baby gushing photographer!  Actually, Baby Tommy did smile his mommy! I always liked a little baby boy who was crazy for his mother!  Baby Tommy, thank you for letting me gush over you, and baby talk in your face and squish your cheeks and run my hand over your soft red hair. You have a special spot in my heart, because you are the first little one that I have seriously photographed that was not related to me! I hope we can have lots more photo-dates. And mommy Cindy, thanks for giving me a chance to capture Baby Tommy. You’re fantastic!!! :)
Baby Tommy Nov. 2009 032
Baby Tommy Nov. 2009 006Baby Tommy Nov. 2009 043Baby Tommy Nov. 2009 013
Baby Tommy Nov. 2009 007
Baby Tommy Nov. 2009 038
Baby Tommy Nov. 2009 035Baby Tommy Nov. 2009 034Baby Tommy Nov. 2009 010
Baby Tommy Nov. 2009 023Baby Tommy Nov. 2009 012

Nov 7, 2009

::Patrick and the leaves:: {Fall 2009}

Twelve year olds do not come any sweeter than this one!! My little brother worked hard all morning raking, and couldn't pass up the chance to jump in the huge piles. When I saw him playing in the leaves, I couldn't resist a little photoshoot :)  Enjoy!
patrick fall 2009 014patrick fall 2009 007
patrick fall 2009 004
Laura Michele

Oct 27, 2009

::Fall Photo shoot:: {Kathleen}

My little sister and went out and enjoyed fall’s arrival all over our neighborhood! It is easy to take pictures of such beauty! Strawberry blonde hair, piercing blue eyes…a dream :)  Enjoy!!!

kathleen photoshop 006
kathleen photoshop 007Kathleen photoshop 025
kathleen photoshop 009Kathleen photoshop 026kathleen photoshop 001Kathleen photoshop 028Kathleen photoshop 023
Kathleen photoshop 019BLESSINGS, Laura

Oct 23, 2009


These two cuties are my niece and nephew. Since their birth, these twins have been an  integral part of my photography journey!! I never tire of documenting their growth and most of all, their personalities.Cecilia and Thomas Cecilia and Thomas Fall 2009 062Cecilia and ThomasCecilia and Thomas
Cecilia and ThomasCecilia and Thomas Fall 2009 004Cecilia and ThomasCecilia and ThomasCecilia and Thomas Fall 2009 102Cecilia and Thomas                                           Blessings,
                                                                                                                     Laura Michele :)


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