{Lauralou Who?}

Hello :)
 I am the middle girl in a big, fat Catholic family. I grew up with a lot of noise & laughter. I'm grateful everyday for my parents & my 5 brothers & sisters. On June 3rd, 2011 I married my Renaissance Man, Marcus.  Baby James Patrick made his fatty little appearance on Nov. 19th 2012.  I am a retired lifeguard and swim  instructor with a degree in Elementary Education turned stay at home mama.  This blog started as a photography venture that morphed to a place for nostalgia and Croft family antics.

I am passionately Catholic and Pro Life.  I never pass up a chance to eat dark chocolate, hold a baby, listen to James Taylor, dance with Marcus in the kitchen, play bannanagrams, spend time in the chapel with Jesus, re-read A Tree Grows in Brooklyn for the millionth time, or watch Blue's Brothers, My cousin Vinny, or Steel Magnolia's. I could go on & on {after all I AM a middle child!} so I'll stop there. God Bless, friends!


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