Jun 30, 2011

Humble Pie

     Ate it all day long yesterday. And yesterday sure was long. Did it feel extra long to anybody else? I left the house at O’Dark Thirty to get my pro-lifing on, then headed over to St. Matt’s for my Eucharistic Adoration hour with Marcus {& Jesus, of course}. Except, I had to make a quick stop at the drugstore because my 6 months new Basal Body Thermometer broke {NFP shoutout!}. Wellllll, I got sidetracked by the brand new Real Simple on the floorboard in our trusty rusty Nissan. I blame that magazine for making me leave my keys in the ignition as I headed into the store. The Nissan is the car in which we lost the spare key too. Lost real good. I felt so awful calling my husband to rescue me after I had already been a grumper to him that morning. {In my defense..there is a major sleep shortage in our home right now thanks to 4:40 am alarm clocks} To make matters more insufferable, we both finally had a day off and it was really ugly out. One of the only few we have had since returning from the honeymoon and we planned to go the beach. The Renaissance man had packed for the shore & we were going to head there after lunch. That’s when we noticed that the yucky gray morning and clouds were not going away. Deciding the beach was out, & that we had no idea where the spare key to the Nissan was despite a trip back home to Chesapeake and to his parent’s house in Va Beach to search for it, we made a grown-up decision. “Let’s just go to the bank & the social security office today since we have to get that done and it is too gross to go to the beach,” I reasoned. God had mercy on us in the social security office and at the bank and both were successful, quick trips. I felt a bit better, until I looked out the window and noticed how beautiful it was outside. It had turned into a perfect beach day. But now it was 3:30 and I had a photoshoot in the evening & dinner to make. I began to get excited about the dinner I had planned. It turned into a bit of a fiasco and dinnertime found me half-way to hysterical, swearing off cooking. I wiped my tears, threw the not-so-good dinner down the drain and had greek yogurt for dinner instead. My holy, long-suffering, good-looking man ate leftovers.

     I knew all day yesterday I would look back at it one day and laugh. Well, it must be too soon. I’m not laughing yet, but far be it from me to keep you from laughing at such ridiculousness. And I even left out the broken AC part of this story ;)

     And if you really needed a laugh…here is a little more  humility Marcus caught on camera during our honeymoon……

Here is me, walking along the beach. I look sorta cute

honeymoon 695

This is me FALLING. I don’t look even a bit cute

   honeymoon 703

Still falling & cuteness factor completely gone

honeymoon 704

This is me trying to play it off, knowing he documented the whole dang thing

honeymoon 705

This is me, crying beneath my sunglasses. Praying that any future children will have more coordination than I display on a daily basishoneymoon 707


So there you have it. humble, humble, humble pie. 

Senior Photos

   All my girlfriends in high school had their senior photographs taken at the beach. Jumping in the sand dunes, playing in the shore, just plain glamorous. I had mine done in a studio with a creepy photographer guy. Though the pictures turned out nicely, I still had a twinge of envy when I swapped senior photo wallets with all my friends at school. Still on the quest to document our sweet little honeymoon, I had to laugh when I stumbled on some pictures…

  honeymoon 222 honeymoon 224  honeymoon 229 honeymoon 231   honeymoon 221honeymoon 227

Finally got my senior pictures on the beach.

honeymoon 236

Marriage is so funny :)

Jun 24, 2011

A cute, cozy cottage

     Now that y’all all know how to make a delicious smoothie, I thought I would continue the honeymoon documentation with a how-to decorate your beach cottage.

Start by hanging an American flag, and lining the  sandy driveway/walkway with oyster shells. A hammock on the front porch never hurts either.

honeymoon 150

Screen doors are the best for summer breezes, and bright entry-ways! 

honeymoon 159 honeymoon 160 honeymoon 161  

Lots of windows pour beautiful light into your living room…and make sure to have plenty of places to sit!

honeymoon 167  

Throw some cute, nautical pillows & decorations around. Huge canvas’ on the wall are perfect, too

honeymoon 170 honeymoon 164honeymoon 173honeymoon 172 

Sperry’s are pretty much essential

honeymoon 175Open Cupboards & a fresh white kitchen     honeymoon 184 A screened-in porch is a must have…one of our favorite things about our whole cottage

honeymoon 174honeymoon 182 

honeymoon 180

Cute little girls room

 honeymoon 188   honeymoon 186

Sailboats for the boy’s room

honeymoon 189  A sea-shell clad master bedroom with very comfortable down comforterhoneymoon 197

Big mirrors reflecting the yummy morning light

honeymoon 199 


There you have it! A guide to creating your own beachy cottage :)

Jun 22, 2011


     How-To make an amazing smoothie on the first morning of your honeymoon.. follow directions closely for best results

First—find a cute man with a brand new shiny ring and have him add ice and frozen strawberries to the blender.

 honeymoon 083 honeymoon 084honeymoon 088honeymoon 089     

As he does this..stare at his ring in complete disbelief that you are finally married. Also take a minute to reflect on how good his tan hands look with that shiny wedding band. Actually take as long as you want. I took about 7 minutes for this step.

honeymoon 090 honeymoon 091

Next, remind yourself you have a smoothie-making photo-shoot to document and watch as the banana & milk are added to the mix

honeymoon 092  honeymoon 094 

Then hand the camera to your brand new husband. Find a cute dress and pretend to be helpful.

honeymoon 105 honeymoon 108

Enjoy :)

honeymoon 113

ETA: I should mention that I had no idea how to make a smoothie. This one actually didn’t taste that great at all. Milk?! Substitute that for Orange Juice and throw in some sugar for the heck of it. Smoothie’s on day 2 were much more tasty that way.


Jun 21, 2011


that I married a man of many talents:

honeymoon 328 honeymoon 326 honeymoon 327

Please excuse his lack of clothing and weird sunburn. We were honeymooning, that’s all :)

And speaking of honeymoons, I would not be lying if I said my camera snapped 900 times on our week long trip to Okracoke Island, North Carolina {AKA Paradise} In order not to crash my computer, blogger & the whole internets.. I won’t be doing one large honeymoon blog post. A honeymoon series will be more appropriate! And I would start tonight, but I have a handsome husband to hang out with ;)

Stay Tuned!!

Jun 20, 2011


     Ever since I moved into my new home in May, I’ve been very anxious to blog a house tour. Kind of reminiscent of my boring bed room tour, except better. Instead I am forcing myself to wait until we have more decorations hung up {they are stacked in the closet now} and are generally more settled in. Just on the off chance that you were hanging off the edge of your seat, I thought I would give a little color burst sneak peak

honeymoon 030    honeymoon 028honeymoon 024 honeymoon 025 honeymoon 026 honeymoon 027   honeymoon 029honeymoon 018

Fresh & colorful


the justmarried-hastheirownplace-suddenlylovestodecorate


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