Jun 20, 2011


     Ever since I moved into my new home in May, I’ve been very anxious to blog a house tour. Kind of reminiscent of my boring bed room tour, except better. Instead I am forcing myself to wait until we have more decorations hung up {they are stacked in the closet now} and are generally more settled in. Just on the off chance that you were hanging off the edge of your seat, I thought I would give a little color burst sneak peak

honeymoon 030    honeymoon 028honeymoon 024 honeymoon 025 honeymoon 026 honeymoon 027   honeymoon 029honeymoon 018

Fresh & colorful


the justmarried-hastheirownplace-suddenlylovestodecorate

1 comment:

Elizabeth said...

looove the kettle and mixer! great color choices!


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