Jun 24, 2011

A cute, cozy cottage

     Now that y’all all know how to make a delicious smoothie, I thought I would continue the honeymoon documentation with a how-to decorate your beach cottage.

Start by hanging an American flag, and lining the  sandy driveway/walkway with oyster shells. A hammock on the front porch never hurts either.

honeymoon 150

Screen doors are the best for summer breezes, and bright entry-ways! 

honeymoon 159 honeymoon 160 honeymoon 161  

Lots of windows pour beautiful light into your living room…and make sure to have plenty of places to sit!

honeymoon 167  

Throw some cute, nautical pillows & decorations around. Huge canvas’ on the wall are perfect, too

honeymoon 170 honeymoon 164honeymoon 173honeymoon 172 

Sperry’s are pretty much essential

honeymoon 175Open Cupboards & a fresh white kitchen     honeymoon 184 A screened-in porch is a must have…one of our favorite things about our whole cottage

honeymoon 174honeymoon 182 

honeymoon 180

Cute little girls room

 honeymoon 188   honeymoon 186

Sailboats for the boy’s room

honeymoon 189  A sea-shell clad master bedroom with very comfortable down comforterhoneymoon 197

Big mirrors reflecting the yummy morning light

honeymoon 199 


There you have it! A guide to creating your own beachy cottage :)

1 comment:

Sarah Danley said...

Oh my gosh so cute- the girls would LOVE that girls room! (but i probably wouldn't be able to keep them off that top bunk :)
P.S. I am super happy you have been blogging a lot lately, makes me still feel close so far away :)


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