Apr 27, 2012

Fake Camping

     Last weekend, Marcus & I fake camped. My sister & her family real camped. In fact, we were supposed to real camp with them but I was still feeling a little iffy from the stomach bug that tried to take my life AND we had a busy weekend with work & upcoming tests. So while they pitched the tent & started the fire & cooked dinners, Marcus & I just crashed their camping site in the evenings! I highly recommend fake camping! It’s just as good as real camping, but with less work ;)

April photo of the day 121 

Thomas was a little apprehensive about the smoke, so Mom roasted his hot dog for him! I love this photo of him covering up his eyes!

 April photo of the day 122

Cecilia, on the other hand, belongs in the wilderness. A true child of the woods. She took every opportunity to give the rest of us a heart attack as she seemed to try to get as close as possible to the fire.  Here she is with Marcus trying to identify the wildflowers she picked..

 April photo of the day 120

April photo of the day 118

Here is the cutest, most serious camper ever! {at a safe distance from the fire of course}

April photo of the day 115

Here is my handsome husband, who would have preferred real camping with the twins. Soon enough, Fire Recruit!

April photo of the day 116  

I wish I had an excuse for why we {and by we, I mean I} looked so rough. Guess it was all the campfire smoke messin’ up my hair!    April photo of the day 128

Looking for a quick camping trip? Go to Northwest River Park in Chesapeake. It was really nice with lots to do-walking trails, canoeing & the like! Plus, it’s really close by for all you Hampton Roaders :)

Apr 24, 2012

Oh, just somebunnies..

     My older sister continues to channel her inner Doctor Doolittle, this time fostering some baby bunnies. So far this spring, they’ve had baby chicks, caterpillars turn into chrysalis’ and in insane quantity of tadpoles. The ducklings didn’t work out but there is always next year. And while she is stuck doing things like actually taking care of the animals, the rest of us get to just enjoy them for a couple of hours at a time :)

Some chubby bunnies explore a bathroom { and eat tennis shoes}..

 April photo of the day 071

April photo of the day 076

April photo of the day 077

April photo of the day 081

April photo of the day 091April photo of the day 082 

April photo of the day 088  April photo of the day 085

The bunnies explore the wild outdoors..

April photo of the day 095April photo of the day 093  

April photo of the day 096 April photo of the day 097

April photo of the day 100 April photo of the day 101

 April photo of the day 103

April photo of the day 102

ETA: My mom is actually playing the role of bunny foster mom. It seems as though my sister, innocently or not, decided to go out of town during most of the duration of the bunnies stay with her… tricky, tricky Mindy!! Mom, you’re a trooper!

Apr 23, 2012

A Scrambling 16 Weeks

  I wouldn’t be lying if I took all these pictures at the second half of the week. Perhaps you can sympathize though-I had a raging {albeit quick} stomach bug on Monday that had me wanting to meet my Maker as stomach bugs are wont to do.As you can see, I survived AND had a really good rest of the week & weekend :)

Somebody’s been eating chips in bed…

April photo of the day 069 

Poor birdy salt shaker! That looks so painful :( Think this little guy needs to go spend some time at my Dad’s desk {also known as the waiting room for all things in need of super glue}

 April photo of the day 109

Marcus’ legs have taken a beaten after some obstacle course work on the beach..

April photo of the day 066

My mom’s beautiful roses

April photo of the day 105 

On Friday night, Marcus & I went and camped with the Guinn’s. Well, minus sleeping in the tent. We just ate their food and then left before bedtime! We had a great time eating s’mores, beans & weans, popcorn & the like. Love that campfire smell!

April photo of the day 122

What is in the basket?! Stay tuned on the blog to find out :)

April photo of the day 097

Sunday was a cleaning day. Or was this Saturday? Anyways, my mom taught me the only way to mop is on your hands & knees. Old ways die hard hard.

April photo of the day 110 

Come back later this week if you want to see somebunny. Or somebunnies. You won’t want to miss them!

Apr 19, 2012

I’ve got nothing..

     No excuses, busy schedule, fun trips or crazy stories.  I truly have no good reason or excuse for abandoning the blog lately. I do, however, have many good things to look forward to! Things like

~My husband’s Fire Academy graduation in just two weeks!!

~My little brother’s graduation & commissioning-which means a trip to Columbus, Ohio…yay!

~My first wedding anniversary and a little trip to celebrate. The little trip will be determined once we get Marcus’ fire shift schedule..

~Birthday season {my siblings and I are all spring & summer babies, as well as most of my in-laws..yay for birthday cakes!!}

~Weddings galore….and baby showers too.

     Speaking of birthday season, I know it is a good day when I can eat cake twice in one day.  Last Sunday we celebrated this baby turning 2. How did my nephew get so big so fast?!

baby jack edits 007

AND… my little sister’s 17th. Happy Birthday Kathleen!


I love birthday season!!!

     Before we ate our weight in cake on Sunday, we took our first trip of the year to the beach on Saturday. The feeling of your toes in the sand & the smell of the air is like an old friend…

    Hope y’all are enjoying this rainy morning! I love a good rainy morning :)

Apr 15, 2012

15 Week Fail

     Well friends, it finally happened. I didn’t take a photo-a-day this past week. I don’t even have a good excuse. Last week just happened quickly, or busily or something. Don’t worry though, I won’t leave you photo-less. Today, I bring you 7 random photos from the archives!


Once upon a time, in December 2006 {or so my computer says} I told my big brother to model for the camera. Not bad, Chris, not bad. Also, it’s okay if you are jealous of his amazing long & curly eyelashes. Most of the female population is, and they stop to tell him frequently.

holiday 2006 051One time, at my 22nd birthday party, my friend Whitney didn’t have any candles so she improvised. She even turned the flashlight off as I “blew” it out. Creative girl, Whitney is.

  candle cake

I figured any way I could sneak a rabbit in during the second week of Easter would be good. In my less-wiser years {at 19} I decided to drive to Portsmouth, in the middle of the night, to my bosses’ {At Applebees} boyfriend’s house who, not only was a professional boxer, but was a bunny rescuer. Obviously. So, yes, I drove to Portsmouth after I got off work at midnight to a neighborhood in the ghetto because I wanted a bunny. Without mentioning it to my parents, or anybody else who might be able to come save me if need be. Nope, I just showed up with a bunny named Eeyore in the wee hours of the morning. When I got home, my sister was hanging out with her new boyfriend, my future bro-in-law. I like the think she had a lot of fun explaining the likes of me to him. If you wondering how this story ends, it goes kind of along the lines of a scream from my mom in the morning and a new bunny for  the neighbors a couple days later. Picture 001

Cute lambs in Matthews County.  No exciting story with this one..


This is what my little brother looked like 4 years ago.  really, stinking adorable. And I’m not exaggerating on the stinking part…It just comes natural with teenage boys.


This picture was also taken in Matthews county, on a young adult retreat. I want to be there right.now. I think all us ladies were headed to the edge of the dock for some tranquil prayer time. That’s me stretching {??} in the front

fall retreat 9

This is me, dressed as a pirate-with a tin foil hook. But even more embarrassing is that antique TV in the background. My parent’s STILL have it and STILL use it. I’m not kidding when I say I think it was a wedding present. Very resourceful, those two. wide assortment 063 

Next week’s pictures will probably be less exciting & hopefully less embarrassing to myself &  older brother. But I make no promises!!

Apr 12, 2012

What the boys do..

   No matter the occasion, anytime the men are gathered at my mom and dad’s house, it’s not long before they shed their holiday-appropriate collared shirts and head out to the basketball court. Mind you, the basketball court is no more a hoop in the driveway, but you wouldn’t know it from enthusiasm involved. Most often, Knock-Out is the game of preference-a family favorite, but they’ve been known to have some more serious games. Especially after Brian took a Basketball class in a couple semesters ago. You may think he was just looking for an easy A, but no.. he was looking to up his chances of a two on two win against the guys in the driveway. This Easter was no different. While the rest of us ate chocolate, My two brothers {Brian couldn’t come home this Easter}, my brother-in-law, and my husband broke out in a sweat. Normally my dad is alongside them, but I suppose he didn’t want to make the rest of the boys feel bad with his raw & unstoppable talent.

april photo of the day 046april photo of the day 047

april photo of the day 061april photo of the day 065

Thomas was inside with his sister coloring, but after a while he had his face squished up against the kitchen window watching the guys. Before I could even finish the sentence, “Thomas, do you want to go play basketball with them,” he was out the door!


april photo of the day 049april photo of the day 050

april photo of the day 057 april photo of the day 054 

Basketball & Easter…just goes together..

Apr 9, 2012

Week 14


Paintin’ while babysittin’

april photo of the day 001


It’s caterpillar season. Thomas has a handful of ‘em!

april photo of the day 008 

Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday


He is risen, Alleluia!

april photo of the day 013 april photo of the day 027

april photo of the day 028april photo of the day 025april photo of the day 042april photo of the day 041

      april photo of the day 043 april photo of the day 044


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