Apr 1, 2012

Week 13


Just hanging out with my little friend Sophia & her mama, Theresa

march photo of the day 110


was really boring.


Going for a walk after dinner, and testing Marcus’ patience in picture-taking ;)

march photo of the day 113 


headed out to Suffolk to see my beautiful friend Whitney & finished off the day with bookclub. Yay, Thursday!

march photo of the day 114


Forgot to bring my camera to the Admiral’s game triple date night with my sis & bro’s in law. BOO! We had a blast & the Admirals won their 22nd game this season! Here is Marcus’ celebrating when we got home..

march photo of the day 120


Oh, Saturday..you were so glorious! Being the procrastinators we are, we rushed into to get confession in before Easter in, then headed to our last 40 days for life hour {woohoo, Easter is coming}. The fun didn’t end there, though! We went to go see October Baby- GO SEE THIS MOVIE!! A portion of the proceeds will be distributed to Crisis Pregnancy Centers. Such a beautiful, healing pro-life movie. We finished off the movie by watching Ohio Sate lose in the final four :( They were doing so well the first half :(

march photo of the day 121


Palm Sunday!

We got to go get all types of fresh produce & eggs from our hook-up, then headed into Norfolk to celebrate Wyatt’s first birthday! Wyatt is the sweet, sweet, sweet little boy of my beloved friend April. How cute is this birthday boy?!

march photo of the day 134

And since I didn’t take a picture on Tuesday, I’ll throw in an extra. Here is a quick snapshot of the book we read for bookclub & our movie tix

march photo of the day 122

It was a good, good week y’all! I won’t be hanging around the bliggity-blog this week in honor of Holy Week. See you on Easter!

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