Oct 31, 2011

Hoppy Halloween, Y’all!

Just hopping in to witch y’all happy Halloween :)

Fall 2011 093 Fall 2011 021

When not showering is completely acceptable…

     About a year ago, I took my first camping trip. It was so pleasant, magical & beautiful that we went again this year. I DO realize that some women would not include camping & pleasant/magical/beautiful in the same sentence. I believe those adjectives might have had something more to do with getting engaged right before camping. I DID love camping, though! This time camping included pouring rain, damp sleeping bags, much more actual cooking, hiking trails, and a glorious Apple Festival. It also included a huge mat of curly knots in my hair. And an absence of a brush or comb. And a mini-panic attack that Marcus was going to have to give me a pretty drastic hair cut. After a quick trip to a small town Family Dollar, a 3 dollar brush, 3 bottles of water and a bit of conditioner..I was a new woman.

Marcus makes coffee & looks kind of grubby {but still really cute}

Camping 2011! 002Camping 2011! 003Camping 2011! 004Camping 2011! 001

I channeled my {not-so-inner} hippie look.

Camping 2011! 006Camping 2011! 005Camping 2011! 011

We made chili the first night & we quite surprised when it came out AMAZING

Camping 2011! 008Camping 2011! 009

enjoyed in mugs & topped with sharp cheddar…

Camping 2011! 012

Here is our tent. And yes, that is an air mattress! I was thankful for it when we had to spend from 9 pm to 10 am the next morning in this tent due to pouring rain. I alternated between annoying Marcus & praying for better weather. Marcus slept the whole time.

Camping 2011! 007

I guess we couldn’t decide if we were boating or camping. The rain must have confused us.

Camping 2011! 010

The butane lantern made for some pretty cool pictures. And a dangerous fire. I dropped the camera & ran which is why no documentation of the explosion exists.

Camping 2011! 013Camping 2011! 014

Camping 2011! 051

On our second night there, we made grilled cheese & tomato soup, followed by delicious popcorn popped on the campfire!            

  Camping 2011! 050   Camping 2011! 053 Camping 2011! 054

And it wouldn’t be a true camping trip without a little bit of this..

Camping 2011! 058Camping 2011! 056Camping 2011! 059  Camping 2011! 057  Camping 2011! 052Camping 2011! 055


Also, please go enjoy this: I'm what you would call "indoorsy"

Hiking & Apple Festival pictures soon to follow!

Oct 30, 2011

A perfectly-imperfect Wedding Reception

     Wedding Reception planning is definitely all the rage, and has become a marriage {pun totally & proudly intended!} of interior design, event planning & rules of etiquette. As a bride-to-be and just a girl that has attended her fair share of stylish & near perfect receptions, I tried to get in on all the rage. In the beginning I browsed more than my fair share of bridal magazines and planned centerpieces, favors, entrance dances & so on. Somewhere in those 9 months though, I realized I was not trying to have my wedding published in a magazine, send my parents into debt, or have the wedding of the year. I simply wanted to celebrate my marriage with close family & friends. That being said..we hired the most obnoxious {yet cheapest} DJ ever. Although the obnoxious part was unintentional. We also opted for simple & sweet floral arrangements for centerpieces. I even silently rejoiced when we were told we could not hang any decorations from the walls or ceilings of our venue. One less thing to get crazy about it. Keeping it simple was our theme & it proved to be a stress-free, good time!

LundyPhoto_L&M_351LundyPhoto_L&M_357LundyPhoto_L&M_354LundyPhoto_L&M_359LundyPhoto_L&M_361LundyPhoto_L&M_360LundyPhoto_L&M_362LundyPhoto_L&M_365-130LundyPhoto_L&M_366-131LundyPhoto_L&M_372-135          LundyPhoto_L&M_369-133

LundyPhoto_L&M_383LundyPhoto_L&M_385LundyPhoto_L&M_417   LundyPhoto_L&M_389 LundyPhoto_L&M_390  LundyPhoto_L&M_397 LundyPhoto_L&M_412     LundyPhoto_L&M_460LundyPhoto_L&M_488  LundyPhoto_L&M_551LundyPhoto_L&M_506LundyPhoto_L&M_504LundyPhoto_L&M_469wgs LundyPhoto_L&M_478wgsLundyPhoto_L&M_481wgs       LundyPhoto_L&M_567 LundyPhoto_L&M_531 LundyPhoto_L&M_530 LundyPhoto_L&M_484-148

And that concludes our wedding chronicles! {5 months later} All photography by Lundy Photography.


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