Oct 4, 2011

Fall Decor & A Wedding Wall

     I’m slowly trying to transition our sunshiny, summery home into an Autumn oasis. Enter oranges & yellows & reds & browns. Warm & cozy. 

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The other project is to get our wedding photos up. We just got all 900 of our images from our photographer & I’ll share them on the blog soon! With so many images, it is a bit overwhelming to figure out albums, frames, etc. I’ve put some up on our floating shelves but will keep rearranging & adding more to our home a bit at a time.

 blog 2011 017

Stay tuned for wedding photo’s!!!


Anonymous said...

I still have yet to put up our wedding photos...perhaps they'll go up with the baby ones....

Kathleen said...

Looks really good:)


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