Feb 23, 2013

This Weeks Edition of RAAAAANDOM

I just finished the very last of the handful of soaps I bought on our honeymoon.  That just makes me feel like it was a very, very long time ago, instead of just 1.5 years ago


James has an after-mass adoring fan club



Marcus received a sweet little smile from Rosemary on his birthday

photo (2)


As new moms often  do.. I got myself a big ‘ole haircut.  Marcus got tired of cutting mats out of my hair and I broke a hairbrush last week trying to brush through it so I knew it was time to go :(  Only getting a haircut every 1.5 years and swimming often in chlorine, combined with crazy curly knots will do some damage.  Except this time, instead of paying way too much money and hearing all about what is wrong with the shampoo I use, I skipped the salon and Marcus cut it instead.  Yup, a couple youtube videos on trimming and layering curly hair and he was an expert.  He did a great job and I don’t foresee ever going to the salon again. (hooray) I am very sad that my long hair is gone though.  I never really had long hair growing up so I just thought having long hair was the bees knees.  Is it possible to covet your own hair’s length? Well, I was anyways. 


Baby JP borrowed my shades on a particularly sunny drive the other day



Here is Marcus looking snazzy with the ladder crew.



This week I made my mom’s delicious sausage-tortellini soup.  Of course, it didn’t touch her made-with-love version, BUT it made me super-nostalgic.  My mom made a big pot of that soup right after James was born and I ate it about every day the week we stayed there.  It was the ultimate, nutritious, post-birth comfort soup.  I don’t have a picture of the soup because, really, I was just in awe that I was actually cooking something with both hands.


James received two of the sweetest gifts this week:

My mom started the one on the right when she was pregnant with me, but never finished it.  Mindy worked on it when she was pregnant with the twins but also never finished it. I guess third time is the charm! Thanks Kathleen! She is also responsible for the personalized on on the left. Looove it! February 258


Marcus’ turn!  Thankfully, in this day & age, fires are not a huge problem any more.  Which means less exciting days for firefighters.  For some strange reason though Marcus has his fair share, more than 10 fires, just since he started in June. I am a big fan of VBFD’s facebook page especially since they put these photos up.  Check out pictures 1,2,3 (Firefighter Croft is on the left!) and 61 to see Marcus in action. 


We (James and I) are in love with this cute video


James is a belly-laughin’ fool!



When Marcus gets home from work he likes to tell James all about what happened.  Normally James listens very intently, but I think he got a little bored during this tale


And that is all she wrote!

Feb 19, 2013

Baby Croft Chronicles, Vol II

     It has been 3 months to the day since little JP’s grand arrival, and he’s a-changing every day.  His baby blue eyes have turned to a handsome hazel and his cheeks seem plumper & droopier than ever, kind of reminiscent of a basset hound!  His thighs have become quite meaty too, graduating him into size 2 pampers-that is when his cloth diapers are in the wash.  I don’t know what he weighs but I know it is in the 13 + lb range.  He has lost his monk-look, shedding that dark ring of hair all.over.the.house. He’s not bald though, as more and longer hair grows in everyday.   James loves to purse those perfectly pillowly lips too…pretty cute, man!  Marcus & I also seem to notice his ears growing outward, but we think it totally becomes him :)

February 111

He is not just getting more adorable by the minute, but happier too! With his reflux mostly under control {which is a miracle, considering he ALWAYS spits it out!} and breastfeeding improving, the gas pains are getting better too.  You are allllllll smiles in the morning, complete with coos and yells and shrieks. Little man is still a sensitive guy, and will start at loud noises and prefers to be held by his mama or daddy or other very familiar face..we are discovering you are not much of a pass-around baby..yet!  He belly laughs every single time you get the hiccups and anytime his Daddy is around.  He belly laughs at me when I sing. I’m not sure what that says about my singing voice.

February 120

James is a very literary baby {or so I like to think} and has broadened his experiences with board books beyond Sandra Boyton and on to The Runaway Bunny and Mike Mulligan.  I love reading to him and enjoy listening to Marcus’ ‘adaptations’ of the book even more.  Tummy time is no match for this 3 month babe and he the way he gets to tilting, I don’t think it will be long before he is rolling onto his back.  All the reading and tummy time is nice but James’ favorite pastime is kicking.  This kid can kick till the cows come home..I get exhausted just watching him.  In fact, when I am feeling energetic, I’ll lay down for some kicking too- a perfect postpartum workout in my opinion.   His other favorite pastime would be drooling and blowing bubbles.  His abilities in this department are equally messy AND impressive. And completely adorable.  And sadly, he is outgrowing his cuddliness, he absolutely prefers to be facing outward when held, or when in a baby-carrier.  He has to see everything.  We have a very, very observant man on our hands, as he is constantly turning his head, following things/people and watching everything.  Recently, he has been staying awake on our walks and just taking it all in.

February 250

In my trenchy-trench days, I really thought baby Croft did not like me.  But now I know this kid looooves his mama.  And it feels good, y’all.  Our favorite time is in the morning, when we just pass the time smiling and being in awe of one another.  Then going back to sleep until 9 :)  But James’ doesn’t just have eyes for me..he is completely bonkers for his daddy.  Marcus’ especially likes to rile him up at night when I am trying to get the baby to bed.  James will get so punch-drunk giggly and smiley at his father’s antics that I am normally heard threatening "Do I need to separate you two?!”  And James’ absolutely favorite place to nap is right in Marcus’ arms, after a tiring fire shift.  Marcus will tell him all about his work day, baby listening intently all the while, then they will both drift off for a nap.  Then I sneak away and blog….

February 240

Our bouncing baby boy has totally overactive arms..when he is not bopping himself in the head, or sucking on them in slobberly delight, he opens and closes them, grasping whatever is closest to him, or just the air.  It looks pretty funny!  Sometimes those crazy arms will keep him from falling asleep so he normally gets a nice tight swaddle for naps and bedtime.  Speaking of sleep..this guy is still a tired little puppy.  He takes a nap in between after each eat-play cycle and then normally goes to sleep around 9 or 9:30 for the night, not waking to eat until 2 or 3.  He snacks again around 5 or 6 am then snoozes until 8 or 9. 

February 117“It gets easier..” There never was a truer statement.  I use to have to get James to sleep before I could do any frivolous activity such as eating, drinking, showering, peeing, etc.  But now he will sit in his bouncer for longer stretches, or just lay under his playmat happily.  That, coupled with his happy attitude, better nursing, my leveling hormones and ability to do things with one hand, makes life so much more enjoyable and do-able. I feel like I am finding my mama-legs more and more everyday. He still is not a fan of the carseat, but gone are the days of crazy screaming when you are strapped in. {which resulted in me reaching back to put your pacifier in multiple times, which resulted in a painful back injury} 

February 235 February 233

February has been a busy month.  We watched the Superbowl with Company 8 and stopped in at Auntie Em’s and Uncle Brock’s as well.  It has included another lactation consultant visit, another visit to the ENT, and a new set of baby friends at the breastfeeding support group.   We got a visit from my older brother’s highschool/college girlfriend..who my family loved and we just loved meeting her and her little family.  We celebrated Marcus’ birthday first as a little family then with all the Crofts and Danleys, went for more walks, hung out with my friend Sam’s little baby boy, picked out veggies at the Farmers’ Market and James got a nice little visit with my friend Angela.  Me and the baby like to keep busy to try to distract ourselves from Marcus’ schedule and give him plenty of time for naps.  We can most often be found at my mom’s {yup, we have sleepovers! James’ likes her big jacuzzi bathtub} or Mindy’s.  They kindly feed me and entertain my baby. Oh, baby we are blessed!

February 226 February 232

And finally, these wouldn’t be accurate chronicles if I didn’t record a little of the ever up-and-down breasfeeding journey.  Last time I wrote about it, I had contacted Chesapeake Early Intervention for an evaluation in hopes of receiving some suck training/therapy.  Before I heard back from the therapist, James started to refuse to nurse, screaming when I tried.  So, God bless my mom, we had another lactation consultant come out {Against my will initially, as I sat crying in the bathroom, dripping milk from a bottle into my screaming son’s mouth- I protested I had had enough of lactation consultants and was sure nobody could help me.}  Well, after 3 lactation consultant fails, we finally hit the jackpot.  She took one look at his mouth and immediately reported that he still had more tongue tie restriction.   The tissue probably grew back after the initial clipping.  Anyways, she told us to schedule a re-clipping and meet with a physical therapist for some cranial-sacrum therapy to release tension. {Apparently, tongue ties can be evidence of lots of tension/tightness, restriction in head movement, acid reflux, etc}  So, we went back and got the tongue tie clipped.  NOT FUN…but as James’ screamed, I remembered to thank God that this was the most of James’ ‘medical’ issues.  We have been to the physical therapist twice and will probably go a couple more times.  Despite all this, I still was not noticing a difference, as James’ gnawed instead of nursed, and gulped air easily with his non-existent latch.  Just when I thought I was going to lose my mind, James’ seems to be sucking like a Hoover vacuum! And this is very recent news, as of about Sunday afternoon.  The latch is not perfect, but he is definitely sucking.  We are still planning to do a follow up lactation consult as well and maybe the eval. by the occupation therapist, but I am praying this not so fun chapter is almost over for us.  I am pretty sure that second tongue clipping {and me showing him how to move his tongue..which he copies} is what really did the trick. Who knows!?

February 257

And that’s what is what with my smiley, drooly, happy 3 month bundle of joy!

Scanned Proof

     Everybody has a different opinion about who James’ resembles, but I mostly hear that he looks just like his father.  I really agree! I actually think he looks just like my father-in-law, but he definitely favors his daddy.  Seeing as how my son is ridiculously good looking, I don’t really care that he didn’t get more than my turned up, ski-slope nose.  Except, whoa! I happened upon some old pictures of yours truly, and I saw a very familiar looking face.


scanned 004


 February 232


scanned 003


February 236 


    scanned 005


January 003


 scanned 006


January 282

I’ll have to scan in some of Marcus when he was a wee lil guy and do another comparison.  Then we’d reallly see who Mr. James Paddy-Whack favors!

Feb 17, 2013


    These plants are still alive.  I am pretty sure that means go-to-head-of-the-housewife-class, Laura.

February 241 February 243 February 246

Okay, so these are probably pretty low maintenance greenery, but STILL!  I was given them both when James was born which means I miraculously tended them during the trenches.  And while I still have one foot in the trenches, I’m mostly all the way out.  Being mostly out makes me more observant, which led me to notice how I had somehow managed to water these guys and put them in the correct sunlight the last three months.  Now, if only I could manage to cook with one hand..

Feb 14, 2013

James Patrick on St. Valentine’s Day

February 126February 131February 149February 140

     James thought this was a little bit ridiculous BUT went along anyways and even managed to give coy little glares instead of out and out screams.  He refuses to  smile at the mesmerizing big black box of a camera, but will give some pretty intimidating eye contact.

     Hope you have a fantastic St. Valentine’s Day.  James and I will spend it making a visit to the Physical Therapist and wishing we were hanging out with Firefighter Croft.  I am decked out in red of course, but James is boycotting the holiday in a manly shade of blue.

   ((And don’t think I came up with this photoshoot all on my own, friends. I must give credit where credit is due.  I saw this on pinterest of course, first done by this photographer & happy baby.))

Feb 13, 2013

All He Wanted

What do you want for your birthday,”  I asked from my permanent nursing throne on the couch to the man getting ready to have his big day.

“Hmmm… I really don’t know… I know this is going to make me sound old..but all I really want is to get the family all together”


Done & done, old man.

February 089    February 091  February 095  February 096 February 094   February 100 February 101 February 102 

February 105

Feb 9, 2013


Happy, Happy Happiest of birthdays to my very own renaissance man-the best husband & the sweetest father!


26 was a pretty great year for you

You found out you were having a baby..

march photo of the day 096

Fake camped {since I was too morning-sick for the real deal}

April photo of the day 116April photo of the day 118 

Can always find you playing basketball in the driveway at Mom’s house

april photo of the day 065 april photo of the day 064


Celebrated a wonderful first year of marriage by taking a trip to Charleston

Charleston June 2012 112

Graduated from Fire Academy

MJC Firefighter Graduation May 2, 2012 114

Spent many summer Sundays eating peaches at the beach


picked way too many blueberries to count


Had visits at work from yours truly..

jj 368

Visited  your grandparents


Babymooned in Ohio & Matthews County

October 2012 136October 2012 172 

Met your son..

James Patrick Croft 082  James Patrick Croft 173 James Patrick Croft 179

fought lots of fires


had a baby’s first Christmas

 christmas 2012 168 

Took many-a-nap with your boy..

January 151

Showed off your artistic side

January 168January 171

Enjoyed a snowy afternoon

January 432

Received many, many adoring smiles from J.P. You are definitely the favorite around here. 

  January 284 January 285 

Watched your son be baptized and welcomed into his big, fat, Catholic family

January 188

Perfected the manly art of cloth diapering

January 422

and made your wife very, very happy on a daily basis

January 226

Obviously, James & I are over the moon for you here & can’t wait to celebrate many, many Marcus-y birthdays!


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