Feb 23, 2013

This Weeks Edition of RAAAAANDOM

I just finished the very last of the handful of soaps I bought on our honeymoon.  That just makes me feel like it was a very, very long time ago, instead of just 1.5 years ago


James has an after-mass adoring fan club



Marcus received a sweet little smile from Rosemary on his birthday

photo (2)


As new moms often  do.. I got myself a big ‘ole haircut.  Marcus got tired of cutting mats out of my hair and I broke a hairbrush last week trying to brush through it so I knew it was time to go :(  Only getting a haircut every 1.5 years and swimming often in chlorine, combined with crazy curly knots will do some damage.  Except this time, instead of paying way too much money and hearing all about what is wrong with the shampoo I use, I skipped the salon and Marcus cut it instead.  Yup, a couple youtube videos on trimming and layering curly hair and he was an expert.  He did a great job and I don’t foresee ever going to the salon again. (hooray) I am very sad that my long hair is gone though.  I never really had long hair growing up so I just thought having long hair was the bees knees.  Is it possible to covet your own hair’s length? Well, I was anyways. 


Baby JP borrowed my shades on a particularly sunny drive the other day



Here is Marcus looking snazzy with the ladder crew.



This week I made my mom’s delicious sausage-tortellini soup.  Of course, it didn’t touch her made-with-love version, BUT it made me super-nostalgic.  My mom made a big pot of that soup right after James was born and I ate it about every day the week we stayed there.  It was the ultimate, nutritious, post-birth comfort soup.  I don’t have a picture of the soup because, really, I was just in awe that I was actually cooking something with both hands.


James received two of the sweetest gifts this week:

My mom started the one on the right when she was pregnant with me, but never finished it.  Mindy worked on it when she was pregnant with the twins but also never finished it. I guess third time is the charm! Thanks Kathleen! She is also responsible for the personalized on on the left. Looove it! February 258


Marcus’ turn!  Thankfully, in this day & age, fires are not a huge problem any more.  Which means less exciting days for firefighters.  For some strange reason though Marcus has his fair share, more than 10 fires, just since he started in June. I am a big fan of VBFD’s facebook page especially since they put these photos up.  Check out pictures 1,2,3 (Firefighter Croft is on the left!) and 61 to see Marcus in action. 


We (James and I) are in love with this cute video


James is a belly-laughin’ fool!



When Marcus gets home from work he likes to tell James all about what happened.  Normally James listens very intently, but I think he got a little bored during this tale


And that is all she wrote!

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Emily said...

Um. You may not mention that "oh, Marcus cut my hair" and then NOT post a picture, girl! Lets see it!


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