Jul 31, 2012

His first portraits

At 9 weeks:

9weeks 001

Annnnd at 20 weeks

Baby Croft 003  

oh no baby…put the thumb DOWN! I promise you, it wasn’t worth the thumb guards, retainers, pallet expanders, and braces. But you do look so, so, so cute. Baby Croft 001

Sorry, son! You’re cute from EVERY angle!

Baby Croft 002

Jul 17, 2012

Work it, Work it..

    One day, my ridiculously expensive camera was giving me an awful time. All we needed was one simple picture but I just couldn’t get all my settings right. After nearly 45 minutes of not understanding why colors were being blown out, etc. I realized I didn’t have my UV filter on. Ugh. Marcus, in the meantime, had to do this..

   July 2012 052 

Hilarious. I am refraining from posting the nearly 500 others from his job as a stand-in for lighting…

A library

     When a good friend of mine was pregnant, she put a lot of energy into careful building a library for her little baby. I thought that that was a pretty brilliant idea & a good way to avoid purchasing every adorable little boy outfit I lay eyes on. Since I figure my son will have/receive plenty of clothes, I too have started picking out books for my little man. I am a little bit picky with children’s books… I think there is a lot of less than quality books out there… so I was thrilled when my mom told me she spied a bunch of Little Golden books at a local antique mall. Classics!!

July 2012 097

Richard Scarry & Beatrix Potter are a must!

July 2012 099

Who doesn’t love the Sooki, the Saggy Baggy Elephant?

July 2012 104  

Obviously :)

July 2012 100

Boys like cars & trucks, right?!

July 2012 103

Here is to hoping this book will kick start his prayer life!

July 2012 101 

Any other book suggestions? I have many more on my wish list but thought this was a pretty good start!

Jul 16, 2012

What July looks like..

One of my best friend’s baby turns ONE

July 2012 042

Cutest nephew ever visits Marcus at the fire station


News of our baby BOY

July 2012 082 July 2012 053

Really, really good food. Not pictured..my recent craving at 6 am for blueberry waffles.

July 2012 095    IMG_20120716_105219 IMG_20120716_101952  IMG_20120716_105258 

Beach trips after mass nearly every Sunday.



AND, oh yeah…..

I put my two weeks notice in. I’ll be hanging up the lifeguarding suit at the end of this month! I’m still in shock over that news myself…

Happy July friends! Hope y’all are making the most of Summer!

Jul 10, 2012

Waiting on Charlotte

     One weekend in the crazy, busy month of June. My sis-in-law {Y’all know Emily, right} and I threw a baby shower for Becky. In case you are confused, Becky is Emily’s twin sister and one of my 3 fabulous sisters-in-law. Becky’s baby girl, Charlotte, is due in just about a week and I’m getting giddy with excitement!


jj 316   jj 320 jj 324

 jj 319

My mother-in-law made this sweet cake!

jj 322

jj 326jj 327

 jj 318  

jj 329   jj 341  jj 349

jj 334  jj 340

jj 335

jj 336

Lucy can’t wait to play with Charlotte!

 jj 338 

           jj 352

And is it me or does Charlotte have the sweetest nursery ever?!

jj 356

 jj 354 

Come on baby girl, I can’t wait to meet you!!

Drumroll please…

IMG_20120709_154803 (1)

It’s a boy! A wiggly, squirmy, constantly kicking, moving & shaking little boy!

I love you, son.


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