Jan 29, 2012

Week 4

Monday- just catching up on some bloggin’

photo-a-day 063

Tuesday- Yes, this my-husband-is-working-tonight-you-better-believe-i’m-not-making-a-real-dinner-for-myself was Deeelish!

photo-a-day 064

Wednesday- big brother comes over for dinner {don’t worry, I made some real food..not Peanut butter smoothies}

photo-a-day 065

Thursday- Flowers from said big brother on the right & flowers from Marcus on the left. And please don’t think my life is all flowers & smoothies, y’all. These flowers were an attempt by my husband to heal my Ihatemyjobitits. Or I’vecridedeighttimestodayitis. In any case, I loved them!

 photo-a-day 068

Friday- In addition to flowers, Marcus knows to find the Motown Pandora station & take me for a spin around our little kitchen. Oh, the little things that heal…

 photo-a-day 066

Saturday- A bike ride in the park {followed by tennis..not to mention ice skating this afternoon… I wasn’t made for this much physical activity! I hurt everywhere!}

photo-a-day 071

Sunday- A breakfast date before mass. If you haven’t been to this little hole in the wall… I highly recommend you go. So. Good. And don’t get your panties in a bunch…we still held our fasting 1 hour before mass obligation!

photo-a-day 078      

It was a good week. It was a hard week, but it was a good, good week.

Jan 28, 2012


     It’s been a tough week. Mainly ‘cause, well, I hate my job. As in, crying a couple times a week, hate.my.job. Despite many, many, many good things in life & an overabundance of happy happenings in my life that should overshadow a slightly more than part time job…. I still hate my job.

     I suppose if you are anything like me, you are probably thinking that ‘hate’ is a strong word. I agree, y’all. I’m not proud of my job-hating. In fact, I’m down right ashamed of it. Which is why I am came here for a little therapy. I hope it helps…


~because I have a job. A steady job for the last 8 years.

~because it pays well

~because I have the opportunity to serve others

~because I met two of my best friends there

~because of the chance to be around the military community I grew up in

~because I get to work in Norfolk, my hometown

~because I get to a have a nice, long drive..a guaranteed 40 minutes to think/pray/listen to music {really reaching here…}

~because of the amazing families I met & formed relationships with as the head guard at the waterpark

~because of all the babysitting it hooked me up with during college!

~because I had the chance to become an instructor & do lots of teaching

~because of all those fun swim lesson kiddos. Even the not-so-fun ones where I was pooped on-no joke

~because of how good my boss was to me in giving me time off when my sister was sick

~because I get to work-out every time I’m there

~because I got to work with my little brother :)

~because there is not a lot of work-related stress

~because I don’t have to do my hair or make-up to go to work

~because of the relationships I formed with our patrons..more friends

~because it keeps me humble

~because it cultivates patience

~because being part time has allowed me to time to work in the pro-life ministry, do photography, have an Eucharistic Adoration hour in the middle of the week, help my sister’s family out when she had thyroid cancer, help a girl I used to babysit as she recovered from major brain surgery and…blog?

~because I get to see the Navy Ships and see cars pull over & soldiers & sailors stop and salute when colors are played

~because God gave me this job. As something to appreciate. As an opportunity to bless & be a light. I know 8.5 years seems like a long time to an 25 year old, but I know I’ll look back & these years will seem like a blink of an eye. Until then.. I’ll just keep doing my best to add to this list.

Jan 25, 2012


     It’s only Wednesday night. And why am I counting down for the weekend when  I have to work on Saturday anyways? And Marcus has to work all weekend. again. Whine whine whine whine whine. Do you need a mid-week pick me up?! Watch these with me :)

This one never, ever fails me. Marcus lets me know I am horrible for liking it so much..


Make sure you check out Episode 2 & 3 of this one!

Want to split an ice cube?

This is why I always try to work my up-do’s



Jan 23, 2012

I didn’t fit, y’all… I didn’t fit.

     I would like to blame this whole thing on Cecilia & Thomas. I would like to tell you that they taunted me, dared me & insinuated that I wouldn’t be able to fit. But no, I got myself in this mess all myself.

photo-a-day 032

It’s just that Cecilia & Thomas were playing in & out with such ease.

photo-a-day 039photo-a-day 053 photo-a-day 054 photo-a-day 055 photo-a-day 056photo-a-day 057  

I prompted them..

“Do you think Aunt Laura can fit in there?

“Nooooooo! You’re TOO big!!”

You might think that I am too mature to be offended by the opinion of four year olds, but I assure you.. I’m not. It was a good as a dare.

Good think the park was empty that day since I think they were both rather embarrassed to be seen with me, as I wiggled and grunted to try and get out.

photo-a-day 034   photo-a-day 037

I could get out all the way except my hips. I’m sure it was just my belt that was stuck. Right? RIGHT?!

The only thing that made me feel better?


That HE got stuck too!

photo-a-day 045photo-a-day 048  photo-a-day 046


world’s most dignified & proper babysitter & aunt

Jan 22, 2012

Week 3

Monday- Marcus gets a hair cut.

photo-a-day 024      

Tuesday- Cecilia, Thomas & I make brownies. Cecilia & Thomas consume large{ish} amounts of the batter-Sorry Mindy! But those were organic, cage-free, etc eggs….    

photo-a-day 026

Wednesday- long day. Crossword puzzles in bed. The secret to a happy marriage. Just make sure your keep a dictionary close by. Feel free to trash talk and brag when your answer is right & his is wrong ;)

photo-a-day 028


Thursday- TWO pictures of the day. The first is a playdate with my girlfriends at Botanical Gardens {Thank Goodness for Cecilia & Thomas or else I wouldn’t have fit in at all!} THEN my sis-in-law’s 21st birthday!! We-all the sibs, that is- headed out to Yardhouse Restaurant to celebrate. Happy Birthday Jillian-sorry about the bad picture. Sometimes I don’t know how to use this camera of mine..

photo-a-day 030

photo-a-day 031

Friday-I call this picture “Stuck”

photo-a-day 034

Story to follow in a separate blog post…

Saturday- The first day this past week that I actually did my hair.  We were headed out to dinner with a couple friends.

photo-a-day 059

Sunday- I cleaned the house this weekend. As you can tell..it needed it

photo-a-day 062 

If Fridays picture intrigued you, come back for the story. A little humility never hurt anyone.

Actually, in this case, it really did hurt…

Happy Sunday y’all :)

Jan 18, 2012

Accidentally in love

     Lest you think I was some artistic, talented, driven teenager with an eye for photography, I really only fell in love with photography on accident. In fact, it was probably because I was a bit of a follower. Photography was THE elective to take in high school..so I jumped on the bandwagon.

     Then I fell helplessly, hopelessly, head-over-heels with photography. So did every other 17 year old in the class, but I was sure me & the darkroom had something special. We used the school’s 35 mm cameras and were lectured in aperture, shutter speed and composition. I didn’t pay attention. I just took pictures of people. I can still hear Mrs. Finley telling me “Laura these pictures are good but the assignment wasn’t portraiture.”

     I took pictures of children for every single assignment…..

     Assigned- architecture

     What I turned in- my little brother

     Assigned- color patterns in nature

     What I turned in- the little girl next store

     Assigned- water

     What I turned in- the kids I babysit


You get the idea. And in case you didn’t- I’ve got scanned proof of my old work! You will see clear examples of poor photography composition & settings {with lots of filter stain! I miss working in the darkroom!} but a strong portfolio of faces!

Scanned 001Scanned 002Scanned 004Scanned 003Scanned 005Scanned 010Scanned 007Scanned 009

Anybody from Norfolk Public Schools remember the Reflections contest?! Won first place with this fuzzy, overexposed picture. The theme was JOY! This photo had the emotion to make the cut!

Scanned 006Scanned 008

Whats up Mrs. Iwanowicz Chemistry class Bell 3 & 4?! We were so good at not paying attention & driving Mrs. I. nuts! Still wonder how I passed that class..

Scanned 011

Sometimes I still wonder..is it the photography I love or the faces behind the camera…

Either way, I’m thankful I followed the high school masses into photography class, for having a little brother who modeled to my heart’s delight, and to Mrs. Finley & Mrs. MgGill for putting up with my blatant disregard for assignments :)

Jan 16, 2012

Speaking of dresses

     Trying on my  grandmother’s old dresses wasn’t the first time I’ve played dress up at Nanny’s. {Besides the western wear, I mean} I’m not sure if it was the summer that my older sister was getting married, or even earlier, but all I know is somebody got down the wedding dresses. My grandmother’s, my mom’s and my Aunt Mary’s, that is. And as any red blooded girl out there pinning their future wedding dresses on pinterest can understand {or us already married gals, pinning them just ‘cause}, we had a ball.

My grandmother’s was my favorite out of the three

Scanned 001

On her wedding day


I couldn’t even zip up my mom’s..

Scanned 002

Here she is on the way out of her reception-

01-15-2012 01_21_11PM

My Aunt Mary’s pretty dress-

Scanned 003

My older sister’s wedding dress was also incredibly beautiful. I tried it on a couple of times since I was considering getting married in it too

1-13-11 038

Kathleen tried it on too! {I don’t know whose room this photograph is taken it, but it is a wreck!}

1-13-11 058

But nobody looked as amazing in it as my sister did on her wedding day

summer 06 032

Here I am in my wedding dress!


Obviously, my grandmother, aunt, mom & sister all kept their dresses. I’m not quite sure what to do with mine. My sister had hers preserved, responsible one that she is…but mine is just hanging up in the closet yet to be dry cleaned. I kept all the lace from the hemming and I am definitely keeping the lace bolero. Before getting married, I was all for selling the dress after the wedding. I didn’t want to deny somebody else the chance to wear such a beautiful gown. Now I’m not so sure… would love to keep in in case I have daughters who want to try it on for fun some day {I won’t expect them to want to get married in it, if they are anything like me!} or use the dress to have baptismal gowns sewn for Croftlings to come. Ideas?!

Jan 15, 2012

Week Two

     It was a pretty ordinary week here- Marcus is still plugging away at the EMT-Enhanced course & I’m still hanging out with Cecilia & Thomas.  Not wanting to go back to real work! My camera was lugged with me everyday, to the library, city park, my parent’s house..etc. Without further ado-

Monday-Cecilia & Thomas spend their morning in the PJ’s doing puzzles. Upon finishing they demand that the puzzles have their pictures taken. I obliged :)

photo-a-day 008

Tuesday- Marcus’ favorite Ritz-cracker-cheddar cheese encrusted chicken dinner

photo-a-day 009

Wednesday-all this rain=frizzy curls {wait, isn’t that a bit redundant?!}

photo-a-day 014

Thursday- Cecilia & Thomas learn the importance of leaving love notes. And drawing hearts. Cecilia did all the writing except ‘uncle Marcus’ and Thomas’ name. Pretty good!

  photo-a-day 010

Friday-pizza night

photo-a-day 016

Saturday morning- chocolate chip waffles…..

photo-a-day 017

Sunday- meet Howard. He lives at my parent’s house & is tended to by Patrick. If you are looking for the perfect gift for a 14 year old boy {or the whole family} Check out air swimmers !

photo-a-day 019      

Hope I can keep up the documentation next week!


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