Jan 18, 2012

Accidentally in love

     Lest you think I was some artistic, talented, driven teenager with an eye for photography, I really only fell in love with photography on accident. In fact, it was probably because I was a bit of a follower. Photography was THE elective to take in high school..so I jumped on the bandwagon.

     Then I fell helplessly, hopelessly, head-over-heels with photography. So did every other 17 year old in the class, but I was sure me & the darkroom had something special. We used the school’s 35 mm cameras and were lectured in aperture, shutter speed and composition. I didn’t pay attention. I just took pictures of people. I can still hear Mrs. Finley telling me “Laura these pictures are good but the assignment wasn’t portraiture.”

     I took pictures of children for every single assignment…..

     Assigned- architecture

     What I turned in- my little brother

     Assigned- color patterns in nature

     What I turned in- the little girl next store

     Assigned- water

     What I turned in- the kids I babysit


You get the idea. And in case you didn’t- I’ve got scanned proof of my old work! You will see clear examples of poor photography composition & settings {with lots of filter stain! I miss working in the darkroom!} but a strong portfolio of faces!

Scanned 001Scanned 002Scanned 004Scanned 003Scanned 005Scanned 010Scanned 007Scanned 009

Anybody from Norfolk Public Schools remember the Reflections contest?! Won first place with this fuzzy, overexposed picture. The theme was JOY! This photo had the emotion to make the cut!

Scanned 006Scanned 008

Whats up Mrs. Iwanowicz Chemistry class Bell 3 & 4?! We were so good at not paying attention & driving Mrs. I. nuts! Still wonder how I passed that class..

Scanned 011

Sometimes I still wonder..is it the photography I love or the faces behind the camera…

Either way, I’m thankful I followed the high school masses into photography class, for having a little brother who modeled to my heart’s delight, and to Mrs. Finley & Mrs. MgGill for putting up with my blatant disregard for assignments :)

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