Jan 8, 2012

Week 1

      Week one of my photo-a-day was a success. If you take into account that I did not start until Tuesday. Without further ado--

Tuesday night football watching

photo-a-day 001

On Wednesday I FINALLY perfected my mom’s buttery cabbage. After many, many fails. It was so good y’all & I don’t even like cabbage!

  photo-a-day 002

On Thursday, I watched Cecilia & Thomas be completely enthralled with their vintage Fisher Price record player. I have since dubbed this record player “the babysitter” These kiddo’s are in a complete trance by spinning, music producing magic record player. They are also slowly learning all the words to The Music Man soundtrack. Lucky for me, I LOVE the Music Man soundtrack.

 photo-a-day 003

My mom got me this book for Christmas & I settle in to read it after I kiss Marcus goodbye in the early morning. This book is even better than I imagined. As in read-slower-don’t-want-it-to-end-savor-every-page good. In fact, I only have one chapter left but am making myself save it for a couple of days. I know as soon as I finish, I’ll go right back to chapter one & bring a notebook with me. Beautiful, beautiful book.

photo-a-day 004

On Saturday, I met up with my high school girlfriends for my our once a month catch-up. They gave me a hard time when I asked for a photo & told them it was going on the world-wide-web. Good thing they relented! Aren’t they beautiful?!

 photo-a-day 006

Marcus & I both woke up with nasty sinus headaches today. In order to lure him out of bed {or at least just awake} I toasted bagels I bought from Panera & brought them to bed. It was perfect except for the part where I scorched the all the cinnamon & crunch on the cinnamon crunch bagel. Don’t worry, I gave that one to Marcus. That is, until I remembered that whole selfless love concept about marriage. It was still good!

photo-a-day 007

Come back next Sunday to see if I stuck to another week of a photo-a-day. Come back before Sunday if you want to, too. I promise nothing but run-on sentences, nostalgia, photo overload & other nonsense.

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