Jan 5, 2012

A backlog

    Some time in early January 2011, I “announced” that I would not be pursuing a photography business. A strange announcement coming from the girl who started a photography blog & was doing a fair amount of photo-shoots. No matter, though- as I am completely satisfied & at peace with that decision. In light of the fact that my portfolio building had really started taking off {taking pictures for people I didn’t previously know or were not friends of friends} at this time, I did have to send some people away, in a sense. When people did inquire for my photography after I decided not to run a business, I was still overwhelmingly flattered, but referred them to my favorite local photographers instead.

     Once in a while, though, I would have some people want photographs that were way to near & dear to me to turn away. Good family friends, kids I used to babysit, sisters & lovely friends. I have to say, doing these photo-shoots were all the more nerve racking simply because I was out of practice. I used to do a photo-shoot a couple times a month, but most of 2011 I threw all the composition, focus, lighting rules out of the window. I gave those nearest & dearest to me that fair warning & then did my best!

Here are my favorites:

Mitchell summer edits 004 Mitchell summer edits 019 Mitchell summer edits 020

Thompson Maternity{edits} 005 Thompson Maternity{edits} 019  Thompson Maternity{edits} 009 Derby edits 013 Derby edits 034Derby edits 015

Mitchells 2-2011 018Mitchells 2-2011 027Mitchells 2-2011 021Maria edits 002Maria edits 027Maria edits 013Gaston Christmas 019Gaston Christmas 008Gaston Christmas 016denny2 denny1

    Taking these last few shoots in 2011 helped me to slowly wean off something I loved doing, but knew wasn’t for me. Unless sometime in the future I can hire somebody to edit all my pictures & do all things business. Until then, I’m just sticking with my un-edited, fuzzy, compositionally-incorrect, grainy, whacko-white balance photography!


a {un}professional photographer

1 comment:

Sam Derby said...

Love your photography & love YOU. A million thanks for our shoot and your willingness to be there for us!


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