Jan 12, 2012

High School

     I realize it has not been terribly long since I graduated high school. I haven’t happened upon my ten year reunion quite yet, I still have my yearbooks & High School T-Shirts & still wear some of my clothes from high school. Emphasis on the some. I’ll explain more on that later.

    It does, however, FEEL like it has been a terribly long time since high school. I graduated in 2004 with a great gang of friends.  And like most friends from high school, life tried to drift us apart..and probably succeeded in some ways. We went on to do cool things. Okay, THEY went on do cool things. Cool things like archeological digs, acting in the next Twilight movie, teaching self defense, getting masters in public health, making amazing music with a band, getting married, moving across the country to Arizona, etc. Needless to say, these cool things have left us all busy.  None of us would probably talk at all if it wasn’t for Sam. Sam wasn’t having any of this drifting apart nonsense. She is constantly calling, texting, facebooking {yes that is a verb}, insisting on getting together. My girls lunch date this past Saturday? All Sam. Every friend group should have a Sam- the friend that holds everybody together, who prioritizes people over busy & hectic schedules and just takes time to be a good friend. I could go on & on about her, but then that would embarrass her & this would turn into a big fat mushy post. I try to avoid big fat mushy posts.

   Instead of writing a mushy, nostalgic post, I scanned some old photo’s & made a list.

Things I did in High School

1. Took up any dare…..but only the appropriate, moral, clean, safe ones {duh, mom!} I think, anyways.

 Scanned 001

2. Spent April Fools Eve making brownies with chili powder & cayenne pepper for our guy friends. It was a little bit mean, but a whole lot awesome. Dubbed ourselves the brownie warriors

Scanned 0023. Wore less clothes. It was as if there was a rule forbidding your shirt & your pants to touch. Exhibit A-

 Scanned 0034. Took pictures with Norfolk’s finest at my high school graduation. Don’t worry-this was my aunt’s idea & she flagged the poor-i-can’t-believe-I-have-to-work-a-high-school-graduation cop down BUT I happily obliged. I also pretty much always straightened my hair & parted in right down the middle in high school. I was so cool.

 Scanned 0075. Thought Sam & I were HILARIOUS for switching bikini tops in the Atlantic Ocean.

 Scanned 004

6. Sneak in the Hague Towers at midnight & go swimming….borrowing suits {or shorts} from whoever’s house was closest {ahem..Christina}. Then we looked out the window & thought deep thoughts & said deep things. Oh wait, maybe we were just posing for a picture we thought would be so adorable.

Scanned 0067. Okay, this picture is not from high school. I can tell because we are wearing more clothes. It is from right after high school though. This picture is an Ode to Sam & Christina, to good friends from high school, to keeping in touch, to dinners & lunches out, to memories had and more to be made. Love y’all!

 Scanned 005

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Anonymous said...

Oh my I was rocking some corduroy pants there wasn't I.. Thank you for your kind words, & these pictures. I am very blessed to know you all.


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