Oct 8, 2011


     I got ‘em. I’ve been slowly organizing our closet, mainly trying to go through clothes and get rid of things we don’t need or wear. I have a stack of t-shirts to go through and I happen upon my high school senior shirt, as well as a shirt from my youth group. Now please understand..these two shirts are at the bottom of the stack. As in, not worn. The Maury High School shirt even has a weird orange stain on it. In light of these facts, I quickly grab them & toss them in the give-away box. As soon as I release them, I begin to feel strange. My chest tightens & I feel a bit panicked. The only thing that could cure that feeling would be to get out my high school yearbooks and lose myself in nostalgia. I get halfway through my sophmore yearbook when I realize I need to come to grip with reality and finish organizing the closet. I try not to look in the give-away box as I pass by it. I fail. I pick them up. Smell them. Photograph them. I have been through this before. I think to myself if I could just have a picture of these shirts, I know I’ll be okay with getting rid of them.

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It doesn’t work, I still feel unable to part with them. I walk around the bedroom 5 times. I try to call my mother to discuss this important matter with her. She screens my call. I turn to facebook:

Picture 4

Enablers, all of them. They seem to think that just because I turned into a wife four months ago, I magically can sew things.

The shirts are still in the giveaway box. I still have issues.

The Renaissance Man just wants to know when the closet organization project is going to be finished.

And for more issues..check this hilarity out.

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Kathleen said...

Mom doesn't know what your talking about...that whole screening calls thing...she says "I didn't miss any calls" :)


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