Oct 22, 2011

A First Look & A Very Good Looking Bridal Party {In my humble opinion}

     I consider myself a rather traditional gal & was quite surprised in myself when we did some things a little out of the box for our wedding. I know “first looks” {A bride & groom seeing each other before the ceremony, often for the sake of portraits} are all the rage in this day and age, but I was aghast at such a breech in customs. That was until we met with our priest for pre-cana counseling. He was explaining how this tradition really came about at a time of arranged marriages, financial covenants involving dowry’s, land ownership and the like.  He went on to assure us that it was not a Christian tradition, which, duh…I’m Catholic…I don’t believe in luck..just God’s amazing providence, blessing, grace & plans. We also walked down the aisle together, again told by our priest that we should be entering the Sacrament together..as marriage is no longer an agreement between fathers & families.

    I ended opting for a first look for two other reasons. The first- Unfortunately, I’m an overly anxious person. And I was overly anxious about being overly anxious on my wedding day. I thought a first look might relieve some of the pressure of the day. Secondly, we were having an evening wedding..we didn’t want our guests to have to wait longer than necessary for photo’s before they could be served dinner. Simple but true.

   I absolutely treasured our first look. It was one of the best decisions I made for our wedding. It was the only private, just-the-two-of-us moment we had the entire day. It was so calm, so perfect, so intimate. We were able to talk, relax, laugh AND pray. Looking at these pictures even now, I can feel the absolute joy and peace in those moments.

LundyPhoto_L&M_81LundyPhoto_L&M_82LundyPhoto_L&M_85LundyPhoto_L&M_84 copyLundyPhoto_L&M_88LundyPhoto_L&M_90LundyPhoto_L&M_105wgsLundyPhoto_L&M_133LundyPhoto_L&M_99LundyPhoto_L&M_110LundyPhoto_L&M_106LundyPhoto_L&M_102LundyPhoto_L&M_97LundyPhoto_L&M_94wgsLundyPhoto_L&M_130LundyPhoto_L&M_135 (2)                

I know I am biased, but I thought our bridal party was pretty good looking :) We opted for a very small bridal party, modest, classic dresses, and my two favorite colors! Despite an evening wedding, we choose to have a more informal look with the khaki suits..no tuxedo’s here!  Some people gave me a hard time about Marcus not wearing a white tie, but I love blue on him and loved the chance to show off our accent color. That was QUITE a green dress in my opinion! I ordered them online and just prayed for the best :)

LundyPhoto_L&M_146LundyPhoto_L&M_148LundyPhoto_L&M_164LundyPhoto_L&M_186LundyPhoto_L&M_158LundyPhoto_L&M_175LundyPhoto_L&M_178LundyPhoto_L&M_197  LundyPhoto_L&M_196

Next up-ceremony!!

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