Oct 28, 2011

Oh, crap!

      I just spilled peanut butter on my yoga pants! A big glob, too. And they were actually first day clean, too..not like I wore these the past three days after work, clean. Before the peanut butter glob incident occurred, my ‘Oh Crap!’ was directed towards a completely different subject entirely. Therefore, I need to start this blog over. Thanks for understanding!!

     Oh, crap y’all!! I TOTALLY forgot to document evidence of my totally sophisticated, totally grown-up BOOK CLUB!! That’s right..I started a book club. It stemmed mostly from my need to analyze literature like I did back in college, as well as keep up with my beloved work friends. Little did I know that I would meet such amazing girls when I first started at working at MWR when I was 16. Unfortunately, my best girlfriends from there have all moved on to bigger & better things. Or should I say smaller & cuter things. Yup, they’ve all entered the world of mommyhood. In that case..I think I had it right the first time with bigger & better things. In any event, now that we are all wives & some of us mothers or busy working professionals {not me..I’m in yoga pants right now, remember?} it has been extremely difficult to see each other enough. While we send texts or say hi on facebook, we all know that doesn’t equal face time. Enter book club. Better than that..enter a book club in October, my favorite month! I was all kinds of excited. I continued to decorate my little home for fall. I strung fall foliage from every bare spot in the living room, burned my Autumn Wreath candle, made apple cider in my crockpot {OH.MY.GOODNESS!! so good!}, and even baked a pumpkin spice Bundt cake. And for some reason, I feel more official as a housewife now that I have made a Bundt cake. Weird. When all the fixin’s were done, I kicked my firefighter out of the house & let the fun begin. We read The Help by Kathryn Stockett and it was fabulous! I obnoxiously underlined, highlighted, analyzed and doggy eared pages in order to lead discussion. No one look amused when I wanted to discuss the foreshadowing of the weather & the use of alliteration to display thematic so on & so forth. I should have been an English teacher. Never mind, I just read my own blog. I don’t think my excessive commas and run-on sentences would fly. Or my complete inability to stay focused while writing. Case in point--back to my book club… I am so bummed I forgot to take pictures of the attendees AND my autumn cider, cake & decor. What a bummer! I wanted to share on the blog! Oh, well..next time :) And speaking of next time, if you are reading this & want to read books & eat food & hold cute babies {thanks friends!} then let me know! The more the merrier!


P.S. Oh, crap! I forgot I am supposed to be blogging the rest of my wedding. Non-facebooking family members are awaiting..

P.P.S  And while I am “oh, crap!’ing…The trusty rusty broke down on the brand new fire recruit this morning. On test day, no less. Sheesh! Might be time for a new car for us or I need to pray harder. Praying harder sounds less expensive…

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