{About My Photography}

Once upon a time, at Maury High School, I fell in love with photography. You can read allll about it here!!

Then, after my early life crisis, I decided to start a photography blog & business. All the early blog posts on here were sneak peeks during my client/portfolio building process. Go check out the early {& embarrassing} archives for that.

Not so long after that, I decided I liked photography way to much to get business involved. You can read all about that epiphany riiiggghhhhhttt here!

So where does that leave me now? I LOVE photography. I no longer do photo shoots for other people, but will happily recommend many local favorites. Not that you would want me to do a photo shoot for you anyways, though. My photography is candid {except for the instances when I demand Marcus to "hold it" as I adjust my settings}, composed all wacky, ISO cranked up-white balance lookin' a mess, soft focused, unedited, and totally not of professional caliber anymore. But guess what?! I love it! It makes me happy to not be bound by photoshop anymore! Here is my humble little 'What's in my photobag'

~Nikon D300 {very happy with this camera, but should have gone with a full frame & something w/ higher ISO capabilities
~50 mm 1.8 {Actually, this lens is currently broken, but it was wonderful back when it was always on my camera}
~35 mm 1.8 {This little lens is ALWAYS on my camera. It's not ideal most times but I love the challenge of working with what I got.

My Wish list includes- {Are you paying attention, handsome husband?!}
~Nikon D700
~85 mm 1.4
~24-85 mm 2.8...or something similar and versatile.

Here are some of my favorite pictures from my portfolio building days


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