Jun 12, 2010

::The G Family:: {Two sisters & a mister}

      These three kiddo’s are the big siblings to baby J  in the previous post below!! One of my best friends, Heather, used to nanny for these little crazies and I’ve had my eye on them ever since. Mama G is awesome and honest and down to earth and is frequently offering me food, LOVE that! Truly a sweet, sweet family. Thanks for the play date guys, and teaching me about being on my toes :)
First comes the big sister~
Grawthol kids for web 053Grawthol kids for web 050Grawthol kids for web 035Grawthol kids for web 030
Grawthol kids for web 029Grawthol kids for web 036
Next is Miss Middle Sis~
Grawthol kids for web 005Grawthol kids for web 003
Grawthol kids for web 040Grawthol kids for web 022
Grawthol kids for web 057Grawthol kids for web 010
Annnnd little bro, Mr. professional model. I can’t stand the way he is eyein’ me in these portraits…SWOON!
Grawthol kids for web 034Grawthol kids for web 052
Grawthol kids for web 018Grawthol kids for web 059
Grawthol kids for web 033Grawthol kids for web 019
The Gang’s all here y’all!
Grawthol kids for web 024Grawthol kids for web 021Grawthol kids for web 017Grawthol kids for web 016
Grawthol kids for web 061Grawthol kids for web 013
Grawthol kids for web 060Grawthol kids for web 047

Oh! The JOY!!
Grawthol kids for web 044

Laura Michele

Jun 1, 2010

::Formal Easter Portraits:: {Everyone’s favorite twins-Thomas & Cecilia}

     These outfits are way too cute. I am pretty sure this will be Thomas’ last year in John-John’s :( Take note of the cute carrot buttons!!) Mindy wanted some portraits of the twins to send to their grandma who bought the Easter outfits for them. So we took a walk, saw a bunny (!), discovered honeysuckles for the first time, and smelled flowers. I love these guys!! So much of their personality comes out in their pictures..too funny!
Easter Portraits C&T 2010 035Easter Portraits C&T 2010 017Easter Portraits C&T 2010 031Easter Portraits C&T 2010 013
See the bunny? (being chased down-poor thing!)
Easter Portraits C&T 2010 011Easter Portraits C&T 2010 009
Trouble. Just trouble.
Easter Portraits C&T 2010 008
Cecilia and Thomas in a nutshell.
Easter Portraits C&T 2010 007Easter Portraits C&T 2010 006Easter Portraits C&T 2010 005
Easter Portraits C&T 2010 002Easter Portraits C&T 2010 029Easter Portraits C&T 2010 028Easter Portraits C&T 2010 050
Honeysuckles! Yum!
Easter Portraits C&T 2010 046Easter Portraits C&T 2010 043
Easter Portraits C&T 2010 042Easter Portraits C&T 2010 041Easter Portraits C&T 2010 040Easter Portraits C&T 2010 037
Check out that tongue!! And his little laughing face
Easter Portraits C&T 2010 036Easter Portraits C&T 2010 022
I LOVE the way he is holding her hand here :)
Easter Portraits C&T 2010 021Easter Portraits C&T 2010 016
Okay, I have posted entirely too many of these portraits, but they were just so FUNNY to me!  To close this entry out..check out Cecilia & Thomas’ silhouettes. I captured these as they were changing from their nice clothes to play clothes. Oh Thing one and thing two.. I LOVE you!
Easter Portraits C&T 2010 019 Easter Portraits C&T 2010 020


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