Jun 1, 2010

::Joyful Baby J:: {4 mo. Portraits}

     Sweet, smiley baby J. You had the cutest dress, the cutest toes, the cutest expressions and the cutest bum to boot!  Check this little sweetie out~
Jovanna Edits 018
She was so peaceful the when I was taking pictures..she just looked and smiled at me! What a good baby!
Jovanna Edits 023Jovanna Edits 027Jovanna Edits 029Jovanna Edits 022Jovanna Edits 028
Summer, I love this green chair and I LOVE your shirt!
Jovanna Edits 033Jovanna Edits 013
What a little grin :) Awww
Jovanna Edits 015Jovanna Edits 012Jovanna Edits 011Jovanna Edits 010Jovanna Edits 008Jovanna Edits 034Jovanna Edits 005Jovanna Edits 004

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