May 24, 2010

::A Vignette: {A man and his LARGE truck}

     Since it is our two year anniversary, and Marcus loves the big truck, I decided to take the Suburban’s portraits. I got sidetracked here and there but overall the photo-shoot went well. Marcus mainly ignored me as he was busy fixing things on the truck so I did my best to entertain myself :)
Meet what Marcus and I have lovingly dubbed (well maybe not SO lovingly on my part..) The Big Truck!
Everyday May 2010 019Everyday May 2010 027
Marcus informed me that these big ole mirrors are called ‘Dumbo Mirrors.’ To which I replied “That is ADORABBLE”
He then scowled at me and told me not to call his truck adorable.  But, come on! Check out the dumbo mirrors..they ARE cute!
Everyday May 2010 020

These tires are larger than they appear:
Everyday May 2010 022
But the same can be said about this guy’s heart :)
Everyday May 2010 025
And on top of being a youth minister (and that encompasses-youth group, teaching confirmation classes, planning and running retreats, always being a phone call away for his teens, playing praise and worship,  a prayer warrior..just to name a few). This dimpled man volunteers for the Virginia Beach Fire Department in his spare time. That’s hot!!
Everyday May 2010 010
It’s a LOOOOOOONG way down from the passenger seat (and did you notice my cute shoes?! Thanks mom!)
Everyday May 2010 007Everyday May 2010 008
Everyday May 2010 006
Other Truck details and Marcus working hard, paying me no mind…
Everyday May 2010 023Everyday May 2010 024Everyday May 2010 031
WHOOPS! I must have got sidetracked ;) I don’t remember taking this shot! BUT since it made it in here, we may as well analyze it. My favorite parts of this particular composition are the baby blonde hairs and the dirt smudges.. I barely even notice the muscle! ;)
Everyday May 2010 030Everyday May 2010 032
I think the boredom was setting in…
Everyday May 2010 028Everyday May 2010 029Everyday May 2010 033
Happy 2nd Anniversary Marcus!! I love you… I love it when you wink at me (see above!), I love watching you work on your truck, and I almost, a teeeeny tiny bit, love the big truck!  Thanks for putting up with me and I look forwards to photo-journaling many other of your projects!

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Anonymous said...

I love the arm picture...ahahah you are making me WEAK


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