May 10, 2010

::Catherine is Graduating:: {Senior Portraits}

      I met Catherine for the first time in a freezing cold cabin during February at Triple R Ranch more than two years ago. I was the small group leader for her cabin and I was scared. (and so cold!) Feeling very intimidated at the idea of facilitating discussion with these girls..who all eyed me with one eyebrow raised… I said a quick prayer. Catherine was my answered prayer!  I will never forget her warmth and open heart as our cabin got to know each other and share faith. So, I’ve kept my eye on her for the past two years. It’s simple- I like her, she’s gorgeous, godly,  and I wanted to take her senior portraits. Enjoy!!
catherine for blog 014catherine for blog 012
catherine for blog 024catherine for blog 025
catherine for blog 008
catherine for blog 013catherine for blog 015
catherine for blog 005
catherine for blog 021catherine for blog 020
catherine for blog 027
catherine for blog 023catherine for blog 030
catherine for blog 022catherine for blog 026
catherine for blog 032catherine for blog 017

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