Apr 25, 2010

::Little Man:: {Baby Tommy is turning 1!}

     Baby Tommy is almost toddler Tommy..and I don’t know how I feel about this! I am awful sentimental about this little man, as he was the first child I ever took pictures of outside of my immediate family (Thanks for giving an aspiring photographer a chance, Cindy..you’re the best!) Here is the thing about Tommy—he is a smiley, happy, cheerful, bright handsome thing—but he is ALL business in front of the camera!! He takes his portrait sessions very seriously and really makes me work to see his smiley side.  One of my friends swears he looks like a small Winston Churchill! I can totally see this kid in a business suit, CEO one day! I am wondering if he is going to use these photographs for his business card ;) He is a mama’s boy, though and she knows all the tricks for a grin. I love the way he looks at his mom—nothing sweeter than a mama’s little man! And she is raising a future saint..just check out him praying the rosary ;)
Tommyforblog 020Tommyforblog 019
Tommyforblog 021
Tommyforblog 011Tommyforblog 010
Tommyforblog 005
Tommyforblog 003Tommyforblog 031
Tommyforblog 016
Tommyforblog 007Tommyforblog 014
Tommyforblog 027
Tommyforblog 009Tommyforblog 026
Tommyforblog 028Tommyforblog 025
Thanks for doing business with me Tommy….you are too  precious!
God Bless :)

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Anonymous said...

WOOOOOOOOOOWWWW! Laura these are SO good! Your work is getting better and better! I love these photos! Baby Tommy looks so happy! Great job!


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