Jan 25, 2013

A Cute Bum & How we do Cloth

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     Here is Mr. Baby Croft sportin’ his thrify Diaper Rite pocket diapers.  He has been in them now for nearly 3 weeks and are definitely getting the hang of things.  We had a couple leaks in the beginning due to mama error BUT no blowouts. He blew out of pampers like nobody’s business. Deeesgusting!  I owe a big thanks to Nanny whose generosity funded the cloth diaper project, my friends Kelly, April & Katelyn for my constant questions of how to do this AND of course, big big sis Mindy.  Can I just say how thankful I am not to be buying disposable diapers on the regular?!  Those things were not so nice to the budget.

     Anyways, I am the laziest person I have ever met so I am pretty amazed that I am doing this.  But it is SO easy..who knew?! Here is how we do things

~We are using Diaper Rite brand since they were highly recommended to us.  We lucked out in that the first thing we tried worked for us.  They are about ten dollars a diaper and are pocket diapers..which means they have an absorbent strip you stuff in the crotch region. They are one size fits all, so we just adjust them as he gets bigger. I am not really interested in trying all-in-one diapers, but I would like to try some prefolds.

~We bought 15 cloth diapers. That gets us through 2 days, and 2.5/3 if I don’t change him as often as I should. Which, lets be real, sometimes I don’t change him as often as I should.

~ I bought a stack or two of cloth wipes and filled a spray bottle with a solution of warm water, baby soap & a bit of almond oil.  Right before I take off his diaper to change him, I spray a bit on the stack of wipes on the changing table. The wipes are incredibly absorbent so normally I never need more than one, I can just fold it in half and spray and wipe again. Mindy taught me all about this.

~I set the soiled diaper and the wipe aside while I snap up his new diaper and make sure it’s all adjusted properly. Takes maybe a second or two longer than disposable.  Then here is the tricky part…pulling the liner out of the diaper with the wipe so I don’t have to touch the nasties. {Which aren’t actually that nasty..hurray breastfed diapers!} and folding it all together to stuff into the wet bag.  The wet bag just hangs one of the knobs on his dresser.  Then I run and go wash my hands while he kicks to his hearts delight and smiles at my black and white necklace I hung over the changing table.  When he is more mobile, I’ll have to change that up so I don’t leave him on the table.  The wet bag is awesome..it holds all those gross diapers and I swear I never smell a thing.  One thing I am going to change is actually getting a trash can & lining it with a wet bag, so I don’t have to deal with the zipper. I’d rather just step on a trash can pedal and drop everything in

~When it comes to washing, I am still playing around with what I like best. I have a front loader, which is less convenient for cloth diapers.  Right now, I just empty the wet bag with the diapers by turning the bag inside out..you don’t have to touch anything.  Then I do a cold rinse and I make sure I choose the soiled, bulky option. {This ensures plenty of water since most front loaders are HE and use as little water as possible} Next, I do a wash cycle with hot water.  For detergent right now I am using 1/4 cup vinegar & 1 tbsp of dawn dish soap.  I don’t think I am going to continue to use that since I think it is a little hard on the diapers but I am not wanting to pay for some expensive detergent..so still researching there

~And if you are wondering, no we don’t rinse, or use a diaper sprayer, before washing or storing in the wetbag.  I know that will be more necessary when he has solid poop, and I am not looking forward to adding that extra step. And yes, my diapers are a little stained, but I’m not worried. They are diapers after all, plus I’ve experienced the magic of sun bleaching.  Let the dipes dry in the sun and they are white as snow.

~We double stuff his diaper at night and don’t change him unless I hear/smell something dirty.

~We have a wet bag for on the go.  I don’t think it is really any harder to use cloth diapers when we are out and about, but I use disposable wipes so I have to remember to bring a plastic bag to put them in and throw away.  I do keep disposables in the diaper bag and use them when I feel like it, as well as put one on James when we are waiting for the diapers to be washed. Normally just one is needed.

~For some reason, I don’t mind the washing the diapers every two days one bit, and I find stuffing them strangely therapeutic.  I need help, I know.


     Actually, people..I have no idea what I am doing.  So feel free to throw out any advice, best detergents, or tell me what I am doing wrong :)

Jan 23, 2013

Who Says They Don’t Make Cute Clothes for Boys?

Exhibit A:

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Lucky for James, his aunt Angie is his personal shopper and stylist. We love your taste, Angie!

The poor man’s playmat

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Are you wondering why my baby boy is halfway underneath our coffee table?


It’s ‘cause he wants to hang out with these friendly faces!!

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Explanation below:


Once upon a time I was hanging out my sis-in-law as she tended sweetly to her own two children and our niece, Ms. Charlotte.  I brought over baby James in order to distract her from her duties and to preserve my sanity.  While we were chatting and sorta-kinda watching the kids, I noticed that  JP had a thing for Charlotte’s playmat. It looked something like this:

Except, it was nicer and had better things hanging from it.  Anyways, it was one of the MANY baby items I deemed unnecessary when stocking up for James.  But as I watched him kick happily underneath it and babble to the hanging mirror I experienced a surge of guilt for depriving my son of a toy that seemed good for his morale and developmental milestones.


A couple days later, my mom, perhaps feeling sorry for the lack of stimulation hanging from James’ car seat handle, taped a yellow smiley face to the top of it.  Actually to quote her, I believe she said “Wait! Don’t leave. I’m going to make a craft for his carseat”  Then I watched her cut out a circle in a yellow sheet of paper and use a black pen to make the smile and eyes.  Little man loves it!! He stares, smiles at, raises his eyebrows and babbles to that little smiley face. 


A couple days later, again…James was pretty grumpy after the obligatory tummy time.  I laid him on his back and dangled different toys for him to look at and as my arm got tired, that play mat guilt returned. So, inspired by my mom, I made a simple little playmat for him under our coffee table.  It is his new favorite spot, and even allows me to give him his acid reflux medicine with out much drama.


File this one in ‘Having a baby doesn’t have to be expensive…’

Jan 15, 2013

He Smiles, He Reads, He Talks to the Birds. I melt

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We love Eric Carle around here

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and if all that was not enough to fill your JP tank, please watch this {longish, a teensy bit boringish} video. I promise there are some coos and smiles

Don’t worry..there is more adorable James’ updates on the way. He is SUCH a blog hog ;)

Jan 9, 2013

No More Pagan Baby

     It was only a couple days after the woman had given birth to a whopping 9.5 lb baby. Nevertheless, she was on the ball. “Let’s get them baptized this weekend, since Brian is in town!”  We had planned on having the newest cousins baptized together, but I wasn’t expecting Mindy to be up to the task so soon!  She was right though- our little brother Brian {Rosemary’s Godfather} was only in town for a couple more days. And all of my in-laws were magically free on Sunday.  And I was more than ready to have James’ baptized, despite my just-to-be-on-the-safe-side nightly habit of dousing him with holy water and blessing him.  So the stars were aligned for a last minute baptism. Actually, I think it was a God thing, but you get my drift. 

     We decided to postpone a celebration until a couple weeks after the actual event when we had time to plan something and Mindy had more time to recover.  This way we could just focus on the Sacrament.  It turns out, thanks to fabulous Aunt B, a celebration was had anyways! The Crofts and Danley’s enjoyed a brunch afterwards which was perfectly simple and fun.  James’ slept through the whole thing.

    Actually, both the babies slept through the whole thing- the baptism that is!  Not even much of a reaction to the water, or Chrism oil.  Chrism oil that smells so yummy that I still have not bathed my baby. He smells SO holy & sweet & newborny!  While he was on his model behavior for the baptism itself, he asserted his loud, bowel making skills during picture taking time.  Loudly and Repeatedly.  I was worried he was going to have a blow out in his beautiful gown {first worn by my mother-in-law, then by his other Croft cousins} but God gave us a miracle and the diaper held up.

Before the actual baptism, Baby James’ had something very important to ask Matt & Mindy. Marcus drew this adorable onesie!!

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I think Emily & Lucy are standing so far away because of the James-poop stench! January 216



     We didn’t have time that day to take pictures of Rosemary & James together, so we’ll be doing a little photoshoot very soon! Also, the ‘No More Pagan Baby’ title is a nod to our priest, Father Dan.  As you can tell, he is very politically correct :)

Jan 8, 2013

No Big Deal

     When I was a junior in high school, a new boy moved in down the street from me.  Since we were seriously lacking in other teenagers on the Norfolk Naval Base, my BFF Mary Whitney and I hurried down to his house to introduce him and make a new friend.  On our 6:30 am bus rides to school, we tried everything we could to make him feel welcome, inviting him to hang out, see movies, go out to eat but the kid would.not.talk.to.us.  Not sure I had ever met a military kid this shy before, we continued to badger him and introduce him to our friends.  It wasn’t long before Erik was running on the cross country team, setting track records, eating at my lunch table, volunteering at the local animal shelter and helping me with my math homework. {He was in Calculus, I was still flailing in Algebra 2}. We were a tight knit little group of troublemakers in high school, and thankfully our group of friends is still in close touch to this day.  College breaks were full of more fun shenanigans to tuck into my memory.

  Here are some pictures of us silly friends over the years. They mostly include Mary Whitney, Sam & Christina & Erik. That is because Troy was always distracted trying to pick up some ladies and Micah and Dave were glued to their guitars. Most of our shenanigans included eating fast food in the middle of the night, going line dancing, lazy days at the beach, and eating.  People, we at a lot in those days.

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     Sorry for the picture overload. I got carried away in nostalgia.


     When Erik headed to Virginia Tech, he got all into the acting scene. And by all into it, I mean…he was really, stinking good and I drove myself up there one weekend to watch him star in a play.  Previous to this I had only watched Erik run, drink beer, have green bean eating contests, love on dogs of all shapes and sizes, dance the cotton-eye-joe, try to pick up ladies, pick on Sam and make funny faces for the camera. Friends, I was blown away by his talent! He was SO good! {It should also be noted that it was during this trip to Va Tech to watch Erik’s play that I met up with Marcus for mass & lunch. AKA known as the weekend I fell in love with him. AKA as the weekend I got a reckless driving speeding ticket. AKA as the weekend I stayed with my old Nofo Naval Base friend, Elizabeth.. I hadn't seen her in years! It was an eventful weekend. All events unrelated.}


   Erik took his talented self AND WENT TO LA! and was promptly cast in the 3rd TWILIGHT MOVIE!! Okay, promptly is a bit of a stretch. There was a lot of blood, sweat, tears, auditions, and odd jobs thrown in there too.  Seriously though, I am a eeensy, weensy, bit TOTALLY thrilled and proud of Erik.  He is the nicest guy around and has worked so hard and is deserving of every success. I don’t even get down with the Twighlights but you know I’ll be redboxing that movie :) I was busy giving birth to James when his movie came out.

    When Erik came home this Christmas, we all gathered at his mom’s house like old times. Well, except there was no beer. And two of us had babies.  And Dave told us he was moving to New York to pursue a music career. And Christina is talking about joining the Air Force.  It was the nicest evening of catching up, reminiscing and watching Erik learn how to hold babies. I am completely thankful for this group of friends!

    So, yes..James met his first celebrity.  He was unimpressed and a tad cranky and convinced it was no big deal.  I disagree, James! Erik Odom is a big deal and you are lucky to have chilled with him in his mama’s house before his movie schedule is too busy for him to even come back to his ‘ole stomping ground!

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Congratulations on your success, Erik! You will always be my favorite person to do the cotton-eye-joe with!


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