Oct 21, 2010

Little Man {Mr. P}

     Probably more than I love taking portraits, I love making reconnections. There is nothing like seeing a friend you have not seen in a good 6 years, only to meet up again—with a cute baby boy in tow!! Yup, my friend Colby is the proud mama to a handsome little man :) Little Man had the sweetest disposition—calm, easygoing and a little sleepy too! I was so excited to get a chance to spend the morning with these two. Baby P has looooong, dark eyelashes, with wispy hair and the deepest gazes coming from his dark eyes. I could have stared at him all day ;) Colby—thank you SO much for letting me get to know your handsome baby boy. Motherhood looks beautiful on you!
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Love & Blessings,
Laura  :)

Oct 2, 2010


I’m being so abundantly blessed recently all the time.  It is only by the heavenly graces of God that I even stop to recognize them, and I am so thankful for his gentle nudging to drink it all in. Honestly, I think I owe this grateful attitude to the weather..fall is definitely my spring. It is when I feel renewed, strengthened, peaceful and so aware of His Presence. We sure endured A LOT of rain last week, but I have to admit I loved every minute. I spent a lot of time reading a good book, under blankets on my couch, burning Yankee Candles, and in serious conversation with God. And after the rain, I am feeling the growth and seeing the good.
Nanny & Pop's 2010 105Nanny & Pop's 2010 104
My cup is overflowing. I have to share.
~Sleeping with windows open. the fall breezes. being woken by the Sun
~Autumn Wreath Yankee candle. Oh my goodness—so comforting!
~A phone call from a kindred spirit :) I love friendships where distance makes the bond better. I love friendships based on prayer and support for one another.
~Novenas to favorite saints
~home cooked applesauce simmering on the stove all day
~little girls who run to me for a hug, proclaiming “I missed you, Laura”
~Wednesday adoration with the two loves of my life
~Smoothies and good conversation with another sweet, sweet friend
~A lunch date with yet ANOTHER friend who blesses me every chance I get to spend time with her
~games that bond my family…thank you banana grams!
~A black and white cat who has been curling up with me a lot recently :)
~A little godson who tells me he loves me
~A big brother named Chris
~A man who reads the bible to me
~God’s timing. Amen, Amen. Jesus, I trust in You
~God slowly freeing me from living up to other’s expectations. His patience in teaching me how to love myself.
Nanny & Pop's 2010 103Nanny & Pop's 2010 130
~Memories in my heart AND in photographs of my Aunt Angie’s beautiful garden. God’s glory in the beauty of these flowers. Especially this bright, beautiful flower. It’s name?! Pope John Paul II rose :) A hybrid tea rose named after man who was the glory of God.
Nanny & Pop's 2010 128
Your cup is overflowing, too!


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