Mar 24, 2011

Boys I Love

     On a cold Sunday this past February, I came outside to find Marcus rapping and throwing up weird gang signs in the front yard. I even captured it on camera…


forblog 360

Weird, I know. True Story though: If you take a picture a split second after somebody has thrown a football, it looks like they are in mid-rap swagger. My little brother displayed it too..

forblog 366forblog 364

Although a blog on rapping may have been more entertaining, these boys were just trying to play a little football.

forblog 365

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I love these boys!!

Mar 22, 2011

Story time

     Uncle Brian came home last Thursday, just in time for our corned beef-bacon and cabbage-Irish Soda Bread St. Patrick’s Day feast. He has good timing. He also made a quick trip in February for Kathleen and Patrick’s confirmation. We weren’t the only ones happy to see him..Cecilia and Thomas came over to see him on Saturday morning and quickly put him to work, requesting he read their favorite books.

Uncle Brian 02-11 004Uncle Brian 02-11 006Uncle Brian 02-11 005Uncle Brian 02-11 003Uncle Brian 02-11 002

I love Thomas’ red cheeks and stork bite, Cecilia’s adoring snuggles and how worn that book is. It was a favorite of ALL of ours.

And not to leave you without a little Ohio State love:

Uncle Brian 02-11 001

Mar 14, 2011

March 12th, 4:30 am & Applebee's

     Even when I was in college I was not much of a night owl.  I kept pretty busy with work and school and lots of babysitting in the evenings. Which is why I surprised myself when I agreed to meet up with Marcus on March 12th 2008. I was at a babysitting job and had just put all the kids to bed, settling into a good book to kill time until their parents would return around 10 pm. He called me and told me he was in Virginia Beach for spring break and was hoping to get together before he left the next day to head back to Virginia Tech. He wants to see me tonight?! I won’t be able to hang out until at least 1030 tonight! Disappointed, I explained I would be working pretty late and had to be up early the next morning. Besides, I thought to myself, you barely know him! We had met less than a month before helping out at a retreat for teenagers. Never mind that he was godly, charitable, talented, kind and incredibly good looking. Never mind that you hung out with him one other time, visiting a different friend at Tech. Never mind that he took you to mass and out to breakfast and did not make fun of your lack of stick shift driving in hills talent. You really don’t know him, I tried to convince myself again.

   I’m sorry, I told him, I just really can’t. He understands and hopes we can talk again soon. Not sure if I felt responsible or lame, I tried to go back to my book. I was distracted by the quiet and a grumbling stomach. I’m not sure if it was the knowledge that I would need a late night snack anyways, or just a bit of appropriate 21 year old recklessness, but I knew I was not going to be able to focus on my book. After going back and forth with myself for a couple minutes, I quickly sent him a text before I could change my mind. And before I knew it I was climbing out of my car at Applebees at almost 11 at night. We went inside to be met by a lengthy wait time so we decided to drive to a different Applebees just up the road. We decided to  just take one car, so I hopped in his truck, and headed for bite to eat.

   We smiled and talked through our desserts and I remember thinking I was so glad I decided to come out. He asked me question after question and seemed to want to know everything about me and my life. Almost feeling like I was part of an interview, albeit a warm and friendly one, I was nervous with his undivided attention. My fidgety hands found a soggy napkin and began to tear it into little pieces as I shared struggles and fears. You talk too much, he doesn’t want to know all this, I reprimanded myself mentally as I looked down, feeling a bit ashamed of my chattiness. I looked up to see his brown eyes full of love and understanding as smiled at the napkin pieces and shaky hands, telling me I was adorable. We quickly noticed we had shut the restaurant down and they were waiting on us to leave, so he paid the bill and opened the door to his truck for me as we left.

     He drove me back to my car, and I remember his smile and the time on the clock. The 12:30 in red mocked me, telling me I would pay tomorrow morning for staying up this late. It was a short trip to my Nissan, waiting there in an empty parking lot, but it was the beginning of a long evening. We began talking again, and telling each other all about our families, our college majors, and our Catholic faith and heritage. Laughing and telling stories, we reclined our seats, and chatted until we heard the birds starting their morning song. Sure only thirty minutes or so had passed, he turned on the car to check the time. We were both shocked to read 4:30, unsure of how two people can talk for FOUR hours in what seemed like minutes. Marcus laughed sheepishly, apologized for keeping me out so late and started the car.  Before he got out to come open my door, before the early morning chill sobered us to the lack of sleep, before  he sat up from his reclined seat, his eyes met mine in pure wonder at what we had found. The lights on the dashboard allowed me to see my own reflection in his eyes, and I knew only God could be behind such a connection of two hearts.


      As we went our separate ways, and perhaps caught a couple hours of rest before the next day, the previous worry.. you barely know him.. was null and void as far as I was concerned.  That 4 hour long conversation, that vulnerability, the shared stories and struggles, was a spring board to a deep friendship. Though the end of his spring break took him back to school, it was the beginning of many four hour long conversations in the future, prayers for each other, and pursuit of God’s will for our relationship.

    Our favorite place to talk, whether serious or lighthearted, is still driving in the car, drawing deep glances from each other in sheer amazement at the Lord’s blessing in our life. Marcus still teases me about tearing that napkin to shreds, but his voice overflows with affection. He remembers me telling all about my family and feeling stressed out about remembering everyone’s name and place, but wanting to soak up every detail. Anytime I hear the birds in March, waking and chirping before the light, a smile creeps onto my lips as my heart goes back to March 12th, Applebees parking lot, 4:30 am.

Mar 8, 2011

Tuesday Night Brain Dump

~Why is that I have used weekdays in two of my titles recently? Weird. Must be a lack of creativity

~My sisters..and I am referring to my older sister and my two future sister in laws…all made the most beautiful brides I have ever seen.

~I don’t iron. Well, I have a couple of times in my life, but now I just wear things wrinkly {I’m sure at the embarrassment of my mother} If I am feeling ambitious I might hang the article of clothing in the bathroom while I shower for a DIY steaming, but that is also a rare occurrence. I must really love Marcus’ sister Becky & her new husband Chris because I ironed a skirt to wear to their rehearsal dinner. I thought I might be turning over a new, sophisticated leaf but it was traumatic and it mostly ineffective so I won’t be adding an ironing board to our wedding registry.

~Marcus teaches a  high school confirmation class on Tuesday nights. That’s hot. {While it is hot, that is not what I was really going to say on the subject..that reflection just occurred to me as I typed his whereabouts}. I meant to say I have a love-hate relationship with Tuesday nights. I hate it because I miss him and we don’t really get to spend many evenings together and I love it because sometimes I am a solitary-loving, homebody freak.

~The other night I babysat for my niece and nephew. By the time I got there, they were already in bed for the night. I entertained myself by reading a book, but then tiptoed upstairs and just looked at them. Does that make me strange?! Not only did I just look at them while they were sleeping, I got a little weepy. I just am head over heels for those twins. Mindy, will you still let me babysit? I promise to be less weird

~My sister is making me a veil. She is crafty and I am really impressed. I am also really, really, really thankful. Can someone explain to be why a veil, more literally: a piece of tulle, costs $200.00?

~I am in the habit of exchanging long emails right now. One with my cousin Sarah. Y’all remember Sarah! I just love her, always have, always will! The other emails are from my naval base buddy Elizabeth.. love this girl, too!! Long emails are making up for my lack of Facebook.

~My mom cooks every night. My mom cooks amazing meals every night. My mom cooks amazing meals with 2 vegetables & sides. My mom doesn’t know how amazing she is. We literally eat like Kings here in the Danley household. Unfortunately, I do not possess my mom’s skillz. Don’t tell Marcus.

~I am giving up complaining/criticizing for Lent. Oh yeah, and sweets {chocolate, cookies, cake, candy, ice cream, desserts}. To celebrate Mardi Gras, I ate my weight in Girl Scout Cookies. And I want more…

~My little brother, a musical genius and weirdo, plays ‘Here Comes the Bride’ on whichever instrument is nearest to him whenever I enter his presence. I love this kid.

~I have an abundance of pregnant friends. I’m expecting babies in May, two in June, and two in July. Oh, I can’t wait!

~My bathroom needs to be cleaned

~I need a hobby

~Does anyone have any good recommendations for covering up under-eye circles? Dark, dark, dark under-eye circles?

~Want to see a picture of me, being an aunt?

 ohio 2009 155

I’m more than happy to show you :)

Mar 6, 2011

Sunday Wrap-Up

     I’m relishing in this rainy, rainy Sunday. I certainly didn’t enjoy driving around in it earlier, but upon arriving home, I slipped into my pajamas and now I am in my happy place. I may or may not be eating chocolate. In bed. Last week plain tuckered me out..Between my wonderful job, my incredible young adult group, daily masses at St. Mary’s and Holy Trinity, Wednesday adoration hours, pro-life sidewalk counseling, long phone calls from caring friends, watching my niece draw daffodils after we saw them blooming on our walk around the lake, watching my crafty sister make my wedding veil, a wedding rehearsal dinner for Becky, my future sister-in-law, followed by a joyous, emotional, beautiful wedding the next day, and finishing off the week with mass and a baby shower for a friend from work. So. much. goodness.
fineart edited SPRING 2010 028 fineart edited SPRING 2010 035
I’m ever so thankful for this beautiful busyness, for the rhythm of work and friends and joyous occasions. 

Mar 4, 2011

Tour, Pt. II

     Sorry friends, I bet you all wish I had forgotten about this little boring series..but I didn’t! I’m determined to document! Even at the cost of putting some readers to sleep :)  Now where did we leave off?

I mentioned how Nanny has always been my jewelry box supplier. Here are two more. One sits on the old CD shelf {right next to a matching basal body thermometer, NFP represent!….TMI? Sorry, I just love being Catholic} The beautiful jewelry box on the right was the first one she ever gave me and the bottom drawer plays music when opened. I would tell you what song, but I’m uncultured and know nothing about classical music. I’ll have to ask my Renaissance Man and get back to you.

 forblog 322forblog 326

Here is a dresser. My family collects dressers. That is just the kind of furniture you collect when you have six children. Next to my dresser is a beautiful crucifix from Marcus. I love it & can’t wait to hang it in our new home. I have a thing for plastering my walls with Jesus & Mary. I just like them & want to see them in every room.

forblog 325forblog 337

Here is my beautiful & beloved bridesmaid Heather. She lives in California with her hunky marine husband, just being amazing and keeping me sane through frequent phone dates.

forblog 338

Here is an is big & handy but my mom said I can’t take it with me when I go. Guess I need to start my own dresser collection. On the right is a picture that my BFF Mary Whitney framed for me. I just wish y’all could see her pretty face. Whit is another bridesmaid, and a long time cherished pal. We go back to the days of yellow school buses, geometry tutoring, prom-attending, high school happy days. I think I need to blog about some of our shenanigans soon. I promise they will be much more interesting that a blog bedroom tour.

forblog 339forblog 329

This picture is just awkward..and for that reason I had to showcase it. No, I don’t have a secret husband & son living in another city. When we did church family photo’s last year, my sister wanted to have a picture of my nephew Thomas with his godparents..and that would be me and my big brother Chris. So here it is. Awkward as it may be, I love it. Thomas is adorable, I like seeing my older brother’s handsome face and I was having a good hair day.

forblog 327  


A entertainment center sunning itself in the window light and picture of my sisters and I on Mindy’s wedding day.

forblog 320forblog 341

A picture of my sweet, amazing work family at Sam's wedding. I love these people with all my heart and soul.

forblog 342

Is there a twelve step program for people who take pictures of pictures? I think I need help. Miss Sam & I on my 21st birthday and my niece & nephew on the day they made their appearance into the world.

forblog 315

I told you all that I was convinced that my little brother Patrick was my baby and I carted him around on my hip until he was 5. Actually I think he is a cuddly three year old here and I adore this picture.

forblog 344

Caught this angel taking my picture. Paparazzi. Mary Whitney sent me her {him?} for Christmas last year. She knows me!  And on the left…this is where the blogging magic happens.

Certainly not sprawled out on my bed in a bathrobe eating Baker’s chocolate chunks.

forblog 345forblog 335

This is one of my favorite spots in my room. Blog shout out to whoever can find a difference between the two photos. And I don’t mean a technical composition difference..but a difference in the objects in the picture.

forblog 336forblog 351

Yes…the carpet in the whole house is teal. And our countertops are pink. Your welcome for not photographing them. This rug is beautiful though, and I thought it deserved it’s own picture.

forblog 316  

and that concludes my room tour.

I hope you will come back again.

Please exit on your right.


Mar 3, 2011

A tour. Part I

     I’m getting married in three months. To the day. I keep hoping if I repeat the phrase ‘I am getting married’ on my blog and in general conversation, I will start to believe it. It’s not working…still has not sunk in. I might look awful confused on the altar in June! Why am I wearing a white dress and what is happening here?! In denial or not, I’ll be elated to be standing there with my Renaissance Man. And maybe he will be able to answer my questions. Just kidding friends, I cannot WAIT for June :)

     Not to make the same mistake I made in my ‘Beach’elorette Pad, and because nostalgia is my BFF, I decided to document my room here. I’m the sort of weird girl that likes to sit around looking at old pictures and I know I’ll kick myself later if I didn’t take pictures of things that were important to me. And seeing as how I lived in this house for almost three years, I figure it is sorta important. {to me. This may just be plain creepy and/or boring to you. Sorry.}

   So without further ado, come on in!

forblog 319forblog 317

This picture is blurry. I don’t know why. Actually, it is because sometimes I don’t check the settings on my camera. I’m impulsive. I always wanted a room with two beds. It would be great for sleepovers! But none of my friends want to sleep over. Probably because I would make them have the little bed. I’m feeling a little ashamed of my twin bed..but that bed is a big deal. I was a teeny, tiny, scawny little girl and I slept in a toddler bed until my twelve birthday. I know, I know..child abuse. I guess my parents figured I could fit in one, so why waste their money on a roomier bed for a middle child. {I need therapy} In any event, I got the bed in this picture {the one on the right} for my twelve birthday, and you would have thought I won the lottery.

forblog 313

I’m calling this the Marcus & Mary corner. Mainly because Marcus made me these things and I love Mary. I like knowing the barometric temperature in my room every day. Those things are just important to me.  Oh! And Isaac got me the Sacred Heart plaque for Christmas. Thanks Isaac! Say nice things about me in the wedding toast!! :)

forblog 343forblog 318

Here is a close-up of the little {r} bed. Marcus got me that sweet picnic basket for my birthday last year. Marcus also framed the Madonna and child picture hanging above the bed. And that pretty leaf decoration {from my older sister} reads the fruits of the Holy Spirit. I need the reminder people.

forblog 348forblog 347

Head on over to an up close & personal look at my nightstand. Here we have bride books. See above mention about trying to convince myself a wedding will actually occur. On the right is a beautiful lamp my mom got for me in Maggie Valley North Carolina. My sister has a matching one in blue, because we are cute like that. Except her lamp now lives with her and her husband and adorable twins

forblog 324forblog 331

Here are some good books. I especially recommend The Diary of St. Faustina! Thanks Heather :)

forblog 330

This is Marcus and I right after we started dating :) We must have been too new for him to put his arm around me. You can’t see it in this picture, but I know he was rocking his earrings in these days. Cleary he was very cool, and I’ve always been way out of his league.

forblog 346

This is one of three jewelry boxes from my grandma. Nanny is an awesome gift-giver and an even more awesome grandmother.

forblog 334

Marcus got this sign for me when he went to Amish Country. I love it and it hangs over my bed :)

forblog 332

Now that beautiful chest at the foot of my bed, IT has a story. It is made with the finest quality oak, painted my great-great uncle, handed down through the generations. Actually, I got it at Big Lots for a couple of dollars. But it was the first piece of furniture I bought for my bachelorette pad. Equally as nostalgic, right? And while I wish I could tell you it was filled with beautiful linens and baby clothes I hand stitched for my future family, it would be more truthful to say that my college diploma is stuffed in there. And on the right, I’ve used an old CD shelf to store stuffs. Because who has CDs anymore? I am realizing now that this little spot is cords central. And it looks tacky. I’m going to look away now.

forblog 340forblog 333

Did you not believe me about the bunny pajamas?

forblog 323

And at that note, I think I have bored you enough for one Thursday. I actually bored myself. I bored myself in to convincing myself to go clean something.

A nostalgic-room documenting-middle child therapy needing-twin bed sleeping-bunny pajama wearing bride to be.


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