Sep 14, 2010

:: Curly Girlies::

    When I was growing up, I was very intrigued by twins. It is probably because I grew up in the Mary-Kate and Ashley era. Anyhow, I never knew any twins personally, so it sounded very glamorous to be a twin. Fast forward many years, and my life is suddenly full of twins. It all started when my older sister got married and had my first niece & nephew, twins! And if that was not enough, our cousin, was pregnant with twin girls at the same time as my sister. Then our cousin on the other side of the family had twin boys. Then I took a Nanning job in college for twin girls. Then I started dating Marcus, who had twin sisters. Then I took pictures of these twin girls. So, I love twins! (& secretly hope that if God blesses me with children..they will only come ONE at a time.  Little twins, while glamorous, are A LOT of work!)
     Remember how I mentioned my cousin having twin girls?! Well, here they are!! Sarah is more than a cousin, though..she is a good friend. We both lived in Jacksonville, Fl as little girls, before my dad’s naval career took us to Hampton Roads. Since moving away from her family, we have spent summers at our grandparents together, and were devoted pen-pals through middle & high school. Well, now she is a nurse, just like she always wanted to be, raising her beautiful twin girls in Jacksonville, Florida. This summer, when we were both on vacation at our grandparent’s, I finally got to take their portraits. I had such a ball taking their photographs, mainly because I finally was able to tell them apart by their personality & character. I think I was able to capture their personality & love for each other in their pictures, too. Enjoy!!
Brookr&Claire WEB 001Brookr&Claire WEB 041Brookr&Claire WEB 030
Brookr&Claire WEB 029Brookr&Claire WEB 028Brookr&Claire WEB 026Brookr&Claire WEB 022Brookr&Claire WEB 021Brookr&Claire WEB 015
Brookr&Claire WEB 005Brookr&Claire WEB 004
Brookr&Claire WEB 037Brookr&Claire WEB 032Brookr&Claire WEB 023Brookr&Claire WEB 012


emilyanne said...

I LOVE twins, especially with curly hair :) Your pictures, as always, are stunning. Thanks for sharing them!

Laura Michele said...

Emily, you are a blessing! And one of my favorite twins :) These girls really are tooo cute!


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