Sep 10, 2010

::Little Miss L::

     When I accepted a part-time Nanning job over the summer for this sweet little girl, I had all sorts of visions running through my (early childhood education college degree) mind. She was the perfect age for learning letters and numbers and patterns and developing fine motor skills and all types of exciting cognitive developments. I couldn’t wait to teach her!! Turns out, she had way more to teach me this summer.
Little things like: the importance of front porch sitting
Lily WEB 041Lily WEB 047Lily WEB 017Lily WEB 022

She also taught me how to be a faithful friend to our furry counterparts ;)
Lily WEB 044Lily WEB 037Lily WEB 042

She reminded me how to play pretend & the importance of long distance phone calls to loved ones (pretending to call her father who is currently deployed)
Lily WEB 007Lily WEB 006

She even taught me how to frolic in flowery fields, take time to smell the flowers, bask in the early morning sunshine on our 730 am walks..
Lily WEB 013Lily WEB 011Lily WEB 010Lily WEB 009Lily WEB 035Lily WEB 033Lily WEB 031Lily WEB 026

And to believe in a little magic!
Lily WEB 038

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