Sep 10, 2010

::Mr. 2011:: {Dominic’s senior portraits}

      I have  three brothers. and a dad. and two grandfathers. and seven uncles. and I could be quite the tom-boy when I was growing up.In fact, my mom even once cut my hair so short that a little girl on the playground asked me if I was a boy (yes, I was that attractive of a child). Just being real with you!....and getting pretty off topic.. I just  feel the need to explain that I am not one of those girls who thought boys were gross or foreign. BUT I was still scared.
       I was still scared stiff to take Dominic’s senior portraits. And not because he was a high school senior. I love high school seniors! They’re not scary! Yup, I was scared because he was a male. I mean..would he be cooperative? Would he joke me? Would he make dumb faces? I have brothers, I know how they work. Dominic very, very pleasantly surprised me! I’ve never taken pictures of a more smiley person! I thought teenage boys were supposed to be sullen and sarcastic and difficult. Dominic never got that notice, apparently. He had lots of input for the pictures, and made the photo-shoot so fun for me. And he smiled, a lot :) I guess there is something about graduating from high school that puts an excited grin on your face!
Dominic WEB 032Dominic WEB 031
Dominic WEB 027Dominic WEB 006
Dominic WEB 029
Dominic WEB 004Dominic WEB 013
Dominic WEB 019Dominic WEB 018
Dominic WEB 015Dominic WEB 021

Thanks for being awesome! I’ll always owe it to you for helping me overcome my fear of photographing teen-age guys ;) Study hard this year, Mr. 'I am taking a gazillion AP classes’. See you around!

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