May 31, 2013

A Day at Home

Since Memorial Day was so crazy, I wanted to attempt and stay home the whole day (gasp!) on Tuesday so James would get a little break from the car seat & so I could catch up on laundry, diapers and such.  Thanks to these pictures, I’m bringing you along for the ride…


A bit earlier than I like to rise, but James said GET UPPPP.  Actually our morning really started at 1:30 am with a steam session in the shower to alleviate a very stuffy, can’t breath through his nose baby.

may  2013 181 

first order of the day…get the diapers started!

may  2013 173 

Then James chills in the bumbo for a hot second while I splash some water on my face, put my contacts in, etcmay  2013 175

Buuuut he is really getting too big for the bumbo, since he can arch his way out of it.  A mad dash to rescue arching baby below followed the snapping of this picture..

may  2013 176

Breakfast time! James does not eat solids yet..he just plays with them.  He also often insists that I cook my breakfast while holding him.

may  2013 177 may  2013 178

Feeling fancy so it is french toast with bananas, powdered sugar and maple syrup today (and a thin layer of PB for some more protein).  It was delicious and a nice break from my normal egg burrito.

may  2013 179 

Morning playtime for him

may  2013 180  

Breakfast dishes & trimming up some chicken for tomorrow’s dinner for me. I’d rather sit on the living room floor and chew a giraffe.

may  2013 183 may  2013 184

Multiply this times 8 or 9. Allll the live long day. And, don’t be fooled that the camera caught him laying on his back.. I am normally sweating, trying to snap his diaper on while he is rolling onto his stomach, half-hanging off the table.

may  2013 185 

We got a treat today! My brother Chris came over to say good-bye before he headed back to SC.  It was a treat to have a visitor from the outside world! He promptly wound my son up to the crazieth degree then peaced out. Thanks for coming Uncle Chris!!

may  2013 187 may  2013 188  

See the booty in the air? That means he is out. Nap numbero uno!

may  2013 190 

The diapers are done so I hang them up and put them outside for some miraculous sun bleaching..they dry super fast this way, too!

may  2013 189

Then the heavens opened and all the angels sang because finally….the best part of the day…The shower awaited!  Most days, since we normally go do something, I take one while he is awake which means conditioner half rinsed and only one leg shaved but not today! It was glorious!

may  2013 192

Better late than never..morning prayer

may  2013 193

A day full of laundry awaited, no fun during this naptime

may  2013 194

Can I call this gardening? Trying to take care of my geraniums.

may  2013 195

Nap is over, so it is getting dressed for the day and some quality swing time.  may  2013 196

An apple slice babysits while I do my least favorite chore: unloading the dishwasher

may  2013 197  may  2013 201

Nap number two means I get to blog, yay!

may  2013 202

Aaaaan he’s up. A snack to get us through the afternoon and more floor playtime.  The front of our house is shaded at this time, so we step out to enjoy and ice cube or 3.  We lounged around on a blanket and chatted with our next door neighbor for a while.  When I went back inside, I decided it was time to turn on the AC.

may  2013 203  may  2013 210 may  2013 206

During the last quick cat nap of the day, I conquered the rest of the laundry and chatted with my mom on the phone

may  2013 213

My view during our late afternoon walk

may  2013 211

We practiced crawling, which can be soooo frustrating, huh, James?

may  2013 205

In fact, things were getting really fussy and I was feeling very sleepy so it was time to get a little help from Motown and dancing around the kitchen. may  2013 204may  2013 207  may  2013 209    

But it didn’t last. Witching hour was truly upon us.  This picture is really mean but can you see his two little teethies?!may  2013 214

He didn’t eat any

may  2013 215 

But he got filthy. So it was time for the inaugural bath in the sink. I couldn’t decide which of the four pictures I liked the best..

 may  2013 217 may  2013 216 may  2013 219 may  2013 220

Tonight's lineup

may  2013 221

Books, songs & prayers before bed

may  2013 222

He went to bed around 7:15 and I didn’t stay up too much later..he still gets up to nurse in the night so I need my survival sleep!

Not pictured: the nursing sessions that happened every 3 hours

Also not pictured: The dinner clean-up.  All those steamed carrots and mashed avocado all over the floor and in the nook & crannies of the high chair.

There you have it! What went down when I stayed home to recover after the crazy weekend.  It was a pretty good day.  Both his morning and afternoon nap were an hour and he was in a happy mood until the early evening.  I didn’t cook a real dinner since Marcus was working and we had given the house a good clean the Friday before so neither cooking or cleaning was on the agenda which makes everything much easier.  Other days James only sleeps for 30 minutes at a time and never lets me put him down.  I still like him, though- he’s a cutie!

May 29, 2013

Memorial Day Weekend

     It was a double header, my friends!  My wonderful, hardworking, generous siblings in-law planned a Happy Birthday Mom Yard Crash for the long weekend.  Grand plans included lots of yard-cleaning and clearing,  bush removal, saying goodbye to a no longer needed wheelchair ramp, ripping up an old deck, taking down an old carport and other awesomely ambitious yard maintenance things. James and I were of absolutely zero help since we were mostly consumed with the other happenings over the weekend but we did manage to show up whenever food stuffs were going down.  We hope it just looked like a coincidence.  Anyways, Marcus re-acquaintanced himself with a chainsaw and Emily slaved away caring for the littles, my brother-in-laws and Becky impressively worked non-stop.  One of the goals was to make the backyard a safe place for the kiddo’s and family gatherings and while there is still some work to be done, some fantastic headway was made! (Wellllll, if you don’t talk about the two slithering snakes sighted).  Seriously though, I’m in awe of my family-spending those 3 days working so hard- they did great work!  On Monday afternoon we enjoyed the new backyard for a BBQ.  Not only can the Crofts yard work, but they just do family picnics right.  Here is a little peek at the cute baby cousins, the backyard and the birthday girl..

may  2013 166 may  2013 162  may  2013 164  

may  2013 167 may  2013 172

     The other exciting part of this weekend was a much anticipated visit from my uncle Joe & aunt Azita! They came all the way from California to meet James & Rosemary!  My mom has three brothers and for  us growing up they were just all fun and games.  I remember when the three of them made trips together to spend a weekend at the beach.  When we were in Ohio, they took us to movies, bought us junk food, took us for joy rides in their fast & fancy cars, and played in the basement with us.  They were big kids and always up for a good time.   Then Joe moved to California for work when I was a teenager and  met the very beautiful, smart, sweet Azita and fell in love.  We flew to LA for their wedding.

friends 046 

Good move Joe, because our family gained a lovely new aunt. We only wish we all lived closer to one another! It was so neat to have them visit and it brought back the best memories of Joe’s old visits.  We are a mature crowd with a special knack for teasing and Joe always fits right in.  When we weren’t joking one another, we walked around downtown Norfolk, went bike riding and headed to the boardwalk & beach.  Brian took them to tour his ship on Sunday but we skipped out since the idea of carting James up and down those stairs didn’t sound like my cup of tea. My mom made delicious meals and we ate our fill of homemade strawberry pie all weekend long.  Kathleen taught Joe how to make Bergey’s dinner rolls and we spent a fair amount of time on the ground playing with Patrick’s Keva planks.  Most importantly, we introduced Azita to the Blues Brothers .(A family favorite movie)  I’m fairly certain James loved meeting his aunt and uncle as evidenced here:

may  2013 150may  2013 147 may  2013 151may  2013 148

Okay, so maybe he looks less than thrilled..but take it from me..he loved you guys!

James went for his first bike ride with over the weekend

may  2013 139

may  2013 143 

(yes, we definitely should be wearing a helmet! The one we brought didn’t fit him!)

ANND he took his first trip to Virginia Beach

 may  2013 155 may  2013 156

Azita & Patrick. Two peas in a pod.  In Azita’s words “We just get each other.”

may  2013 157

Marcus and I and Brian and Kathleen. Woohoo!

may  2013 159 may  2013 160

     It was a beautifully busy weekend, rich in family, food and laughs.  Loved every minute of it!  James did pretty well being carted every which way…a pleasant gift for Marcus and I!


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