May 23, 2013

The Most Boring Bucket List You Will Ever Read

     I don’t know if I would really classify this as a bucket list, but if it were..move over Grandma! It’s just my running, let’s save up for this to-do list. 

1.) Drive across country with my husband & kiddo(s). Marcus did this with his family when he was young and all his stories make me green with envy! Good thing this one is on his bucket list to do again so it should definitely be happening in the future.

2.) Take writing classes and start writing group. So that I can…

3.) Write my book. Working on a memoir of sorts, an ode to growing up on base- being the family that stayed while everybody else came & went on a 2 year rotation.  This book has been swirling around my head for years & years. I finally have some outlining done and writing started but whew! It’ll be a job!

4.) Go back to Cape May Courthouse New Jersey to see where my grandma (and my dad) grew up.  To see the church they attended, the fire station where my grandfather volunteered, and my great-grandfather’s store .

5.) Road trip though New England in the fall. Don’t forget my camera

6.) Start a supper club so that I can eat my friend’s fancy cooking.

7.) Take pictures on my dad’s old (film) 35 mm, print them out in that delicious, timeless, grainy black and white.

8.) Take ballroom dancing classes with Marcus

9.) I hate sewing but I would like to sew some curtains and a cushion for my hope chest.

10.) Write about anxiety

11.) Go back and enjoy Bald Head Island where I have the sweetest memories of a Guzzo family (that is my mom’s family!) beach week

12.) Vacation with husband and kiddos and whoever else in Seaside, Florida


     So, if you ever had any doubts about how lame I am this should really seal the deal for you!

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