Jun 20, 2013

Father’s Day Camping Trip!

   The pictures say it all.


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Wellllll, the pictures don’t really say it ALL.  I’ll give a re-cap:

My husband the snake wrangler. Baby’s first tick. Lessons in fire bundling. Mindy: “us adults have to pretend we also have not been waiting all day for these smores.” Chigger bites that I thought were bed bugs. Camping baby seat. dirt AND snot.  Cecilia and the toad.  Makeshift basketball hoops and dragonfly nets.


A good time was had by all :)

Jun 19, 2013

Kathleen Meghan

     Kap, Kapernoodle, Kate McCoy, the redhead, Meggy Peggy, the CEO, Katydid and whatever else  we called amongst the years…has graduated high school!

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Way to go, Kathleen!

Jun 17, 2013

The Father’s Day Reality

     I had a surprise camping trip planned, a homemade card ready to be crafted, a book from James to be ordered and all types of other Daddy friendly pampering.  I wanted to live up to the hallmark holiday because I do love myself a hallmark holiday.  I had one deserving dad on my hands- always serving, guiding, sacrificing and I wanted to give a big thank you.


    Fast forward to last Wednesday, when I called Marcus at 2 am, scream-sobbing, from the bathroom floor where James had just stopped breathing for a terrifying period of time & then projectile spit-up a extremely scary amount.  He literally left work right away and stayed on the phone with me as I tried to take care of a very sick James.  I was definitely shaken and crying, and even though he spoke calmly and was telling me what to do to keep his airway clear, I could hear the panic in his voice.  Over the past 5 days, we’ve spent nursing a pretty sick James back to health (he’s not quite there yet-boo) That meant we wouldn’t be camping overnight, I scrambled to make a card on Sunday morning, his book never got ordered and there was definitely no daddy-pampering.  The opposite went down- he slept sitting up in a chair holding the baby, got his fair share of baby bodily fluids all over, cooked for ME, and you get the pathetic looking picture.  I was bummed.  When we were stupid enough to take a hacking James to mass on Sunday, Marcus missed the Father’s Day blessing since he had to step out of the church after James had an explosive diaper alllllll over.


     Yes, that was our Father’s Day reality and I am figuring it is good God taught me this lesson at the beginning of my parenting days in hopes I can only get a better grasp on real life as I go on.  Marcus loved James long before he was born, he supported me in every way possible during my pregnancy and worked tirelessly through my labor and delivery with me.  He provides for our family financially and spiritually, leading us in prayer.  He was the my cheerleader during all the breastfeeding difficulties and such a servant and comfort during the whole postpartum period.  He had the tender touch to lull a fussy baby to sleep as well as all the rough and tumble play James loves.  Selfless with his time and comfort, Marcus is an inspiring parent and such a good example for me.  There is no card or no present or no celebratory weekend that can give back enough all that he has given.  And Thank goodness for that, since the snot trumped the celebration this weekend. Perhaps against our better judgment (but it was SO fun)  we fake camped during the day and headed home at night- to the luxury of the humidifier and the crib. It was kind of like last year but even better since I didn’t bring along the nagging morning sickness with me.  We all enjoyed our day camping, even the sicko and especially the man of honor.  Then he spent all of Sunday and today catching whatever James has.  Oh, Happy Father’s Day!


     Marcus, I love watching you be a daddy!

march photo of the day 096      James Patrick Croft 082   

James P and Daddy on Father’s Day 2013

June 2013 198    June 2013 201

Jun 11, 2013

The Lineup

     I’m finding it humorous the things James plays with these days.  With the plethora of baby toys available,  none of them have proved necessary.  We all know when a baby is happily entertained you can engage in frivolous activities such as peeing, eating, paying bills, cooking dinner and keeping proper hygiene.  That is why this lineup is my new BFF.  I’m fat and happy and clean and responsible when these ‘toys’ are around


This is a lid to a candle. It is wonderfully loud to bang on the hardwood floor and fun for the baby. He’ll play with this one for a good 10 minutes.

June 2013 129

An old remote with the batteries removed is apparently perfect for teething, or so says James.  I’ve made, eaten and done breakfast dishes while he baptized this sucker in his slobber.

June 2013 130

A strawberry crate that he loves.  I tried to make it better by tightly tying some ribbons (he loves shoelaces) but he is indifferent to the ribbons so far.  The crate still works magic.

June 2013 131

Oh, miracle empty tissue box, I might have you preserved in gold when your work here is done. James has loved you from the moment he learned to play happily on his stomach and you are still going strong. 

 June 2013 132

A very, very favorite.  I pull this out during mass and baby JP is as good and gold and oh so attentive to the homily.  It is the wire shaker ball inside of his daddy’s protein bottle. James loooooves it

 June 2013 133

Good old ice cream scoop and measuring spoons are the answer to the age old  “how do you cook dinner with an active 6 month old underfoot?”

June 2013 134

Loves him a water bottle, and he is not even particular.  He is fine to toy around with Aquafina or Dasani or a Smartwater just the same!

June 2013 135

A diaper coupon(cut out from the diaper package and too big for him to choke on).  I can’t understand it but he covets this thing so much that I keep it up high and use if for emergency situations. Obviously, I missed the deal but his obsession for this thing is totally worth paying the whole price of his overnight dipes.

June 2013 136

Not pictured: Tupperware lids, paper towel rolls, my car keys, the hand towel in the kitchen, sucking on the leg of the coffee table, the door stop….these are a few of his favorite things..


Here is what he doesn’t play with. (Although I should take the ball and gym bag out…he likes those a lot…I just added them for effect)

June 2013 137


Save your money, mamas!!


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