Apr 27, 2012

Fake Camping

     Last weekend, Marcus & I fake camped. My sister & her family real camped. In fact, we were supposed to real camp with them but I was still feeling a little iffy from the stomach bug that tried to take my life AND we had a busy weekend with work & upcoming tests. So while they pitched the tent & started the fire & cooked dinners, Marcus & I just crashed their camping site in the evenings! I highly recommend fake camping! It’s just as good as real camping, but with less work ;)

April photo of the day 121 

Thomas was a little apprehensive about the smoke, so Mom roasted his hot dog for him! I love this photo of him covering up his eyes!

 April photo of the day 122

Cecilia, on the other hand, belongs in the wilderness. A true child of the woods. She took every opportunity to give the rest of us a heart attack as she seemed to try to get as close as possible to the fire.  Here she is with Marcus trying to identify the wildflowers she picked..

 April photo of the day 120

April photo of the day 118

Here is the cutest, most serious camper ever! {at a safe distance from the fire of course}

April photo of the day 115

Here is my handsome husband, who would have preferred real camping with the twins. Soon enough, Fire Recruit!

April photo of the day 116  

I wish I had an excuse for why we {and by we, I mean I} looked so rough. Guess it was all the campfire smoke messin’ up my hair!    April photo of the day 128

Looking for a quick camping trip? Go to Northwest River Park in Chesapeake. It was really nice with lots to do-walking trails, canoeing & the like! Plus, it’s really close by for all you Hampton Roaders :)

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