Apr 15, 2012

15 Week Fail

     Well friends, it finally happened. I didn’t take a photo-a-day this past week. I don’t even have a good excuse. Last week just happened quickly, or busily or something. Don’t worry though, I won’t leave you photo-less. Today, I bring you 7 random photos from the archives!


Once upon a time, in December 2006 {or so my computer says} I told my big brother to model for the camera. Not bad, Chris, not bad. Also, it’s okay if you are jealous of his amazing long & curly eyelashes. Most of the female population is, and they stop to tell him frequently.

holiday 2006 051One time, at my 22nd birthday party, my friend Whitney didn’t have any candles so she improvised. She even turned the flashlight off as I “blew” it out. Creative girl, Whitney is.

  candle cake

I figured any way I could sneak a rabbit in during the second week of Easter would be good. In my less-wiser years {at 19} I decided to drive to Portsmouth, in the middle of the night, to my bosses’ {At Applebees} boyfriend’s house who, not only was a professional boxer, but was a bunny rescuer. Obviously. So, yes, I drove to Portsmouth after I got off work at midnight to a neighborhood in the ghetto because I wanted a bunny. Without mentioning it to my parents, or anybody else who might be able to come save me if need be. Nope, I just showed up with a bunny named Eeyore in the wee hours of the morning. When I got home, my sister was hanging out with her new boyfriend, my future bro-in-law. I like the think she had a lot of fun explaining the likes of me to him. If you wondering how this story ends, it goes kind of along the lines of a scream from my mom in the morning and a new bunny for  the neighbors a couple days later. Picture 001

Cute lambs in Matthews County.  No exciting story with this one..


This is what my little brother looked like 4 years ago.  really, stinking adorable. And I’m not exaggerating on the stinking part…It just comes natural with teenage boys.


This picture was also taken in Matthews county, on a young adult retreat. I want to be there right.now. I think all us ladies were headed to the edge of the dock for some tranquil prayer time. That’s me stretching {??} in the front

fall retreat 9

This is me, dressed as a pirate-with a tin foil hook. But even more embarrassing is that antique TV in the background. My parent’s STILL have it and STILL use it. I’m not kidding when I say I think it was a wedding present. Very resourceful, those two. wide assortment 063 

Next week’s pictures will probably be less exciting & hopefully less embarrassing to myself &  older brother. But I make no promises!!

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