Apr 23, 2012

A Scrambling 16 Weeks

  I wouldn’t be lying if I took all these pictures at the second half of the week. Perhaps you can sympathize though-I had a raging {albeit quick} stomach bug on Monday that had me wanting to meet my Maker as stomach bugs are wont to do.As you can see, I survived AND had a really good rest of the week & weekend :)

Somebody’s been eating chips in bed…

April photo of the day 069 

Poor birdy salt shaker! That looks so painful :( Think this little guy needs to go spend some time at my Dad’s desk {also known as the waiting room for all things in need of super glue}

 April photo of the day 109

Marcus’ legs have taken a beaten after some obstacle course work on the beach..

April photo of the day 066

My mom’s beautiful roses

April photo of the day 105 

On Friday night, Marcus & I went and camped with the Guinn’s. Well, minus sleeping in the tent. We just ate their food and then left before bedtime! We had a great time eating s’mores, beans & weans, popcorn & the like. Love that campfire smell!

April photo of the day 122

What is in the basket?! Stay tuned on the blog to find out :)

April photo of the day 097

Sunday was a cleaning day. Or was this Saturday? Anyways, my mom taught me the only way to mop is on your hands & knees. Old ways die hard hard.

April photo of the day 110 

Come back later this week if you want to see somebunny. Or somebunnies. You won’t want to miss them!

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elizabeth @ chronic venture said...

all those salt and pepper shakers are TOO cute! i hope they can be fixed!


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