Apr 12, 2012

What the boys do..

   No matter the occasion, anytime the men are gathered at my mom and dad’s house, it’s not long before they shed their holiday-appropriate collared shirts and head out to the basketball court. Mind you, the basketball court is no more a hoop in the driveway, but you wouldn’t know it from enthusiasm involved. Most often, Knock-Out is the game of preference-a family favorite, but they’ve been known to have some more serious games. Especially after Brian took a Basketball class in a couple semesters ago. You may think he was just looking for an easy A, but no.. he was looking to up his chances of a two on two win against the guys in the driveway. This Easter was no different. While the rest of us ate chocolate, My two brothers {Brian couldn’t come home this Easter}, my brother-in-law, and my husband broke out in a sweat. Normally my dad is alongside them, but I suppose he didn’t want to make the rest of the boys feel bad with his raw & unstoppable talent.

april photo of the day 046april photo of the day 047

april photo of the day 061april photo of the day 065

Thomas was inside with his sister coloring, but after a while he had his face squished up against the kitchen window watching the guys. Before I could even finish the sentence, “Thomas, do you want to go play basketball with them,” he was out the door!


april photo of the day 049april photo of the day 050

april photo of the day 057 april photo of the day 054 

Basketball & Easter…just goes together..

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