May 1, 2012

17 Weeks

Hanging on by a thread with this project, but I’m not giving up yet :)

Scored these sweet milk glass lamps at an Estate Sale!

April photo of the day 151 

A little mid-week love from Marcus in the form of goldfish & flowers!

  April photo of the day 152

On rainy rainy Saturday we had a lot on our to-do list. Instead of being productive, we were being kind of lazy, whiney & grumpy. I suggested we go on a date & forget the to-do list and WA-LA! Best rainy Saturday afternoon ever. We sat in Cafe Moka for no less than 2 hours, drank overpriced coffee and ridiculously huge cookies and it was so, so, so nice! It cured the laziness, whininess AND the grumps!

 April photo of the day 155April photo of the day 157

And yes, I only took 4 pictures last week…4 is better than none! I’m hanging in there!!

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