May 31, 2012

A quick catch-up & photos from Week 21

     Guess I skipped out on week 20, huh? And I am pretty sure Week 21 should have  been posted last Sunday.. I was way too busy enjoying Memorial Day Weekend for all that. I am still marveling at the fact I had last Monday off work, since I spent the previous many years lifeguarding for the big, opening weekend. In addition to remembering those who currently serve, have served and have gave the ultimate sacrifice- Marcus & I were grateful to spend that hard-fought freedom by celebrating life! By way of wedding showers, baptisms, and family cookouts. I ate hamburgers & hotdogs for three days straight and it was SO delicious every time! Thankful those foods are not my way-too-long food aversion list.

Last week-

I love husbands who grocery shop, clean & organize the fridge, as well as make cookie dough! Man, I hit the husband jackpot!

may photo of the day 039

We also went to Rita’s. Because it was hot. Because it was our dating anniversary. Because we wanted to deliver some of the deliciousness to my brother-in-law. Because he is a Rita lover {and a Mindy lover}

may photo of the day 042 

{notice my fashionable “sea bands” ?!}

may photo of the day 044 

may photo of the day 045

And finally, I thought this picture that the little girl I nanny for drew me was definitely blog worthy. Her explanation-and I quote the 6 year old directly- “When he has his rainbow hair on, he can call up all the dolphins in the world and they will come to him. But only when he has his rainbow hair on…”

may photo of the day 046       

As I type, Marcus is wondering why the heck I am not packing….especially since we are supposed to be walking out the door in an hour for our anniversary get-a-way!! That’s right! We are headed to Charleston for a long weekend! Looking forward to the food, the beach, visiting with my brother & lots more….

How has it been a year?!

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Emily @ {the heart of life} said...

You have very good taste in yogurt ;)


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