May 14, 2012

Flowers By Kings

     Right around the time Marcus & I started dating, his mom started on her own adventure in the flower business.  Flowers By Kings is the family business of a good friend of the Crofts. Make sure to head to their website and click on the “About Us” to read the neat family history & flower shop story. My mother-in-law & Mrs. Laufer keep very busy running the best flower shop in town. A couple weeks ago, I took pictures of some of their beautiful mother’s day arrangements for their website. Up to that point, the only portrait sessions I had done were with people, and more specifically, children. So imagine my surprise when I didn’t have to make crazy bathroom noises to get a smile, or wipe the bribery chocolate off their faces, or tell them to wait to hit their brother until we were done taking pictures. Well, I actually started to do these things as I was getting into my photographer groove, but Marcus started looking at me funny and saying things like, “…They are just flowers…”   Yup, besides adjusting a stem here or there, these were the perfect models!!

     People, I know I am a day late & a dollar short and if I would have had my act together I would have written this blog post before mother’s day so the millions of readers I get could have just gone up and clicked on the link and shopped away for their Mothers. But I am not one who you might say has their act together. {I think I am still trying to figure out what my act is.} Nevertheless, Flowers By Kings has the most beautiful arrangements & I had to share. Please tell me you will support a hard working family business next time you are in need of flowers in the 757. They won’t disappoint!

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may photo of the day 027 may photo of the day 028

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