May 14, 2012

My First Mother’s Day

     Once upon a time, in the last week or so of March, I came down with a nasty flu. It was so nasty that I was living on a over-the-counter fever reducer’s and sinus medication..until it dawned on me.. I could be pregnant, maybe I should lay off the drugs! Pregnancy happens with married people, you know. But after a couple months of negative pregnancy tests, I wasn’t too worried and hoped I could carry on with all the medicines I was taking in the midst of that ugly flu. As soon as I heard Marcus’ happy laugh coming from the bathroom { I made him go read the test, I was too anxious} I knew something was up! Sure enough, this is what he showed me…

march photo of the day 107

  march photo of the day 108

So we laughed & laughed & prayed & took a couple more pictures..

  march photo of the day 100

march photo of the day 101

This is what I looked like at 4 weeks {in too big pants, too} Yes, I’m sucking in..but wouldn’t you if somebody wanted to take a picture of you midsection?!

march photo of the day 093

This baby is due 11/26/12, which should be perfect timing for me to stuff my face at Thanksgiving with no regret. That, and have a perfect excuse to never finish my Christmas shopping.

Honestly, we are completely honored & humbled that God has blessed us with such a privilege.

….and looking forward to the end of morning sickness ;)


Kelly said...

Ahhhhhh congrats!!! Y'all are going to be wonderful parents, what a blessing!

~Tricia~ said...

Congratulations on your little blessing! You will be a terrific mom :)

elizabeth @ chronic venture said...

ahhhh congratulations to you both!!! good thing you already have so much practice raising babies while playing house with me. love you!!

Cat said...

Congrats! You will be an excellent mommy!!!


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