May 15, 2013

Out of Character

     I have a mean sweet tooth.  In order to keep the dental bill down & my overall health in check, sweets just aren’t allowed in the house on a regular basis. So sad for me.  Marcus is one of those weirdo’s (and I mean that in the nicest way possible, of course) who really isn’t into sugary things.  I mean, he likes them, but doesn’t typically crave the anywhere near my level of obsession.


     Anyhow, the other day I felt like I really, really NEEDED something cold, refreshing & sugary sweet to drink.  Actually, I was wanting a jumbo margarita.  That was out of the question since we didn’t have any of the fixings and Marcus mumbled something about it being 1 in the afternoon.


     Me wanting something sweet: totally in character.     

     Me saying something along the lines of  “Oh, I’ll just whip up a simple syrup and make us some lemonade: completely out of character


It was good

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     In hindsight, doing such a thing was very Croft-y of me.  Or very Mindy of me.  Whatever-it just wasn’t me in me!

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