Feb 15, 2011

East Beach Memories

     Once upon a time I lived in a bachelorette pad. It was the carriage house to one of those mansions in East Beach, on the Chesapeake Bay.  It had a maroon door, light blue walls, a stacked washer & dryer, a half-a-dishwasher, a push button garbage disposal, a beautiful pink bathroom, huge windows, hard wood floors and a two second walk to the beach. My ‘rent’ was to babysit for the family in the mansion. Three kiddos from my church that I loved dearly. People, I did not know how good I had it. Runs on the beach, long bubble baths, beautiful neighborhood..my own little place. After a year and a half, as I neared the end of my undergrad degree and prepared to enter the masters program, I moved home to save money. Never mind that I never entered the masters program. Would you believe that in the 1.5 years I was there, I never took pictures of the place?! It had charming, cottage-beachy interior design. It had lots of good memories. In an effort to be certain that there was no photographic evidence of my East Beach Bachelorette dwelling, I scoured the pictures on my computer. I found three. And they certainly don’t provide much detail to my interior design, the studio’s layout or any other features. But I’m nostalgic (read: hormonal) and these pictures must be shared.

Marcus took this random snapshot of me getting ready to go the beach. This is the summer we started dating. It doesn’t show too much, except the color of the walls, the light that streamed in even with the blinds closed, and how tan I was. The wall behind me was my bathroom, to the right of the entertainment center were my steps, and my couch & living area directly faced the entertainment center

summer 2008! 007Meet one of my best friends, Sam! Again, this pictured doesn’t show much..but she was sitting on my bed in the little bedroom alcove of the studio sweet. And I am pretty sure this picture was taken the night of {or the wee early morning after} my 21st birthday.  And my friend Sam is now all married and pregnant. And just as cute. Okay, way cuter.  When I think of my bachelorette pad, I always think of her. She might as well been a roommate :)absolutely no organization whatsoever 115

This is when my grandparents came to visit and they were mighty impressed with my little place. Luckily just the two of them came over though, because other than that couch, there was no where to sit!absolutely no organization whatsoever 011

Oh, how I miss you, careless East Beach days!


Sarah Danley said...

I loved that cute little place, I am glad I got to see it. Missing you LauraLou :)

Samantha Salsman said...

Laura! It is SO funny that you posted this yesterday. I was thinking about that little place of yours a lot recently, as I have been cleaning my little apartment. I was thinking about how much fun we used to have there, how you always kept everything so tidy and fun, and how I always wished I had a place like it. This post helped bring me back to those days. :) Love you girl!


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