Feb 23, 2011

13 year old little brothers..and some Shout Outs, too!

     I have a Patrick. A 13 year old, homeschooled, musically talented, boy scouting, joke loving Patrick. I was a rising sixth grader when he was born, and I clung to him as if I birthed him myself. I think I was convinced I was his mother. I cuddled, and cooed him and even changed his diapers. I carried him around on my hip until he was ten. Just kidding, until he was five. Anyways..this kid is a violin, harmonica, piano, flute, accordion playing hoot. He tries to google chat with me from downstairs and sometimes leaves me notes like this:
forblog 384
No, Pat.. I won’t do your Latin for you. I barely passed the three years I had to take in high school. His P.S reads: I smell good after your sprayed me! That is because I Febreezed him earlier in the day. That may sound mean, but he’s a 13 year old boy, they NEED febreezed. And yes, febreezed is a verb. {Ask Marcus’ sister, Becky, who began the practice of Febreezing stinky dogs}
I love that 13 year old little brother of mine.
     On another note, regarding my Bargain post, I have some shout outs to make. The first one to Security Admin: Hi! Are you real Secccuurriityy as BonQuiQui would say? Whoever you are, I like you! Next shout out goes to Anonymous. Anonymous, thank you for wanting to see me humiliate myself. That means so much! I want to know who you are :) Third shout out goes to On a Wing & A Prayer..all the way from London!! Hooray!! Next commenter is a DC Hokie, AKA as my beloved friend Ledis. We go way back to the days of Norfolk Naval Base, Celion Deon, bike riding, nicknaming, lifeguard crushes, and so on and so forth. I love her. The fourth shout out goes to my red-headed little sister. You guys can thank her for introducing the subject of the video. I’m not sure whether to thank her or be mad at her, but in any event, she’s beautiful, a faithful blog reader, and I loves her too. A quick shout out to my Renaissance Man and fiancé, who likes the video a lot. And finally..to my pal Christi. Christi is a fantastic photographer and such a sweet friend and encourager :)  Now, I am not too good at math, but I don’t think we hit 15 comments. Which is lucky for me. I am wiping the sweat from my brow as I type. As I explained before, showing the video would mean I need to move to Hawaii. And I like Virginia Beach. I don’t particularly want to go into hiding. Although it may be disappointing, I need to hold my end of the bargain.. I didn’t get 15 commenter's yet, so no video. BUT if it reached fifteen comments or I get fifteen comments on any blog ever, the video will appear. And yes, as Kathleen so eagerly sold me out, it includes dancing. And my 13 year old brother Patrick.  and a girl who looks a lot like me.
Thank you for the comments!!
I would proofread this blog post but I have a sinus headache and bunions. Which means I need to go straight to bed. Plus, I already know I use run on sentences, don’t know where to put commas and can’t spell.

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