Feb 1, 2011

The Story of a Shirt Never Worn

     Here is to hoping that we are all friends here, and the unconditional love is overflowing. Despite unusual clothing choices. Let me set the stage for y’all.

     I’m 19 years old. My girlfriends and I are going through a line dancing phase. I’ve been singing along to country music for years. Girlfriends and I go shopping. As we are browsing through Ross {because you KNOW I dress for less}, something catches my eye. My friends cast worried glances over my head and try to steer my attention towards the shoes. But I can’t look away. I say I need to try it on. My friends look even more concerned for my mental state and once more try to interest me elsewhere. But they are defeated, as I proudly model the shirt  in the aisle, looking for their approval. Now they are just shaking their head and doing the sign of the cross. Confident that I just stumbled upon the world’s cutest shirt, I immediately ignored their nay-saying and headed straight for the check out. Needless to say, the cute cashier girl didn’t look impressed with my purchase, either.

     That was almost six years ago, y’all. This poor, beloved shirt never got a chance to show itself off. Even though I rushed home, with the best intentions of wearing it with my cowgirl boots while doing the boot scoot boogie, it never made it. Every time I put it on at home to wear it, it was quickly changed in to something else. Something cuter, something trendier, something shinier, something more fun. The weird thing is.. I couldn’t get rid of it. Every time I have gone through my clothes to get rid of unworn, older clothes, I can’t seem to give it away. I still think it is adorable. It looks really good hanging in my closet. I still daydream about the perfect outfit for it. I need mental help. Anyways, being that I am getting married and all {Alleluia chorus}, I needed to go through my clothes/crap/stuff in order that it will all fit in the closet first home we will share as husband and wife. I saw THE shirt. I immediately thought to myself, “good old shirt, don’t worry, I won’t get rid of you” Then Marcus came over to pick up my loot and made me get rid of it. Okay, he didn’t make me, he was using these strange reasoning techniques that I am not too fond of. In any event, the shirt is gone, and I am in mourning. Bloggy friends, meet the cutest shirt I never wore:

forblog 263forblog 262forblog 265forblog 264

Maybe I should have gotten it in blue?


An inner country girl who doesn’t even look good in orange anyways.

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