Feb 14, 2011

Ode to My Renaissance Man {And St. Valentine too}

     February is cold and grey and kinda drab, but it has it’s redeeming qualities. That is, I get to celebrate Marcus twice!! Feb 9th proclaimed his 25th year, and Feb. 14th is when I get all mushy for him. His birthday was a success… I surprised him a watch that has a compass, tells you the barometric pressure, elevation level, GPS, heart monitor, and coffee maker. Oh, it also tells you the time. It is also large, yet aesthetically pleasing. The other big birthday surprise was when I didn’t burn dinner. I made Quiche, plain jane ham and cheese quiche, nothing fancy. But it didn’t burn. And to my knowledge nobody died of food poisoning. If that wasn’t enough, Marcus leaned over to me while he was eating and whispered Honey, this is really good. My heart melted and my knees went to jello. Then I said Are you going to eat your crust? I’m all kinds of romantic like that.

     Fast forward and it is St. Valentines Day. To celebrate, we decided to help out his mom’s flower shop, so we spent  7 hours driving around Hampton Roads delivering flowers. Reading maps and going the wrong way down one way streets and accidently losing ‘I love you’ balloons in the sky just brings a couple together. Marcus especially likes to throw down the ‘I love yous’ when I am getting ready to lose it. He’s just my better half that way :) No, it wasn’t the traditional Valentine’s Day celebration, but it was really fun to make people’s day when you bring them flowers and very important to help out our family.

     Because I wore an obnoxious pink ribbon all day, because I am super tired, because sometimes I brag, because he is such a Renaissance man, because I’m mushy, because it is St. Valentines day and because Marcus looks great in Salmon colored flannel.. I bring you the following  picture for your viewing pleasure:

forblog 162

Marcus’ whiskers. I love ‘em & I documented ‘em. They are scratchy and tickly. They are handsome and numerous and so quick to make an appearance. They are manly and rugged. Perfect juxtaposition when you are wearing a pink shirt.

Happy St. Valentines Day! Hope your day was filled with love. God’s love, your mother’s love, your grandpa’s love, your best friend’s love, or your pet’s love…any love with do :)

God Bless you sweet readers!

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