Mar 22, 2011

Story time

     Uncle Brian came home last Thursday, just in time for our corned beef-bacon and cabbage-Irish Soda Bread St. Patrick’s Day feast. He has good timing. He also made a quick trip in February for Kathleen and Patrick’s confirmation. We weren’t the only ones happy to see him..Cecilia and Thomas came over to see him on Saturday morning and quickly put him to work, requesting he read their favorite books.

Uncle Brian 02-11 004Uncle Brian 02-11 006Uncle Brian 02-11 005Uncle Brian 02-11 003Uncle Brian 02-11 002

I love Thomas’ red cheeks and stork bite, Cecilia’s adoring snuggles and how worn that book is. It was a favorite of ALL of ours.

And not to leave you without a little Ohio State love:

Uncle Brian 02-11 001

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