Mar 4, 2011

Tour, Pt. II

     Sorry friends, I bet you all wish I had forgotten about this little boring series..but I didn’t! I’m determined to document! Even at the cost of putting some readers to sleep :)  Now where did we leave off?

I mentioned how Nanny has always been my jewelry box supplier. Here are two more. One sits on the old CD shelf {right next to a matching basal body thermometer, NFP represent!….TMI? Sorry, I just love being Catholic} The beautiful jewelry box on the right was the first one she ever gave me and the bottom drawer plays music when opened. I would tell you what song, but I’m uncultured and know nothing about classical music. I’ll have to ask my Renaissance Man and get back to you.

 forblog 322forblog 326

Here is a dresser. My family collects dressers. That is just the kind of furniture you collect when you have six children. Next to my dresser is a beautiful crucifix from Marcus. I love it & can’t wait to hang it in our new home. I have a thing for plastering my walls with Jesus & Mary. I just like them & want to see them in every room.

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Here is my beautiful & beloved bridesmaid Heather. She lives in California with her hunky marine husband, just being amazing and keeping me sane through frequent phone dates.

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Here is an is big & handy but my mom said I can’t take it with me when I go. Guess I need to start my own dresser collection. On the right is a picture that my BFF Mary Whitney framed for me. I just wish y’all could see her pretty face. Whit is another bridesmaid, and a long time cherished pal. We go back to the days of yellow school buses, geometry tutoring, prom-attending, high school happy days. I think I need to blog about some of our shenanigans soon. I promise they will be much more interesting that a blog bedroom tour.

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This picture is just awkward..and for that reason I had to showcase it. No, I don’t have a secret husband & son living in another city. When we did church family photo’s last year, my sister wanted to have a picture of my nephew Thomas with his godparents..and that would be me and my big brother Chris. So here it is. Awkward as it may be, I love it. Thomas is adorable, I like seeing my older brother’s handsome face and I was having a good hair day.

forblog 327  


A entertainment center sunning itself in the window light and picture of my sisters and I on Mindy’s wedding day.

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A picture of my sweet, amazing work family at Sam's wedding. I love these people with all my heart and soul.

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Is there a twelve step program for people who take pictures of pictures? I think I need help. Miss Sam & I on my 21st birthday and my niece & nephew on the day they made their appearance into the world.

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I told you all that I was convinced that my little brother Patrick was my baby and I carted him around on my hip until he was 5. Actually I think he is a cuddly three year old here and I adore this picture.

forblog 344

Caught this angel taking my picture. Paparazzi. Mary Whitney sent me her {him?} for Christmas last year. She knows me!  And on the left…this is where the blogging magic happens.

Certainly not sprawled out on my bed in a bathrobe eating Baker’s chocolate chunks.

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This is one of my favorite spots in my room. Blog shout out to whoever can find a difference between the two photos. And I don’t mean a technical composition difference..but a difference in the objects in the picture.

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Yes…the carpet in the whole house is teal. And our countertops are pink. Your welcome for not photographing them. This rug is beautiful though, and I thought it deserved it’s own picture.

forblog 316  

and that concludes my room tour.

I hope you will come back again.

Please exit on your right.


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~Tricia~ said...

What you may think is a boring series was actually rather intriguing because it showed your simple, loving, and spiritual side. I love how you captured your room, and I'm sure it will look just as simple and inviting when you decorate yours and Marcus' first home. :)


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